[EXCLUSIVE] Executive Producer Carlos King Talks RHOA, New Reality Show & Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape

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NeNe Leakes With Real Housewives of Atlanta Executive Producer Carlos King

While we fell in and out of love with the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have to note the person behind the camera helping to put this together. Without malicious intent, the executive producer, Carlos King, wanted to give viewers what they wanted—the complete 360 on each cast member—and as some events even surprised him, he was successful in his efforts.

We caught up with King to get the scoop on Kandi’s Wedding Special, “you get to see real conversation about prenup which is big”, Mimi’s sex tape, “I just hope that when it comes to the outcome, she gets whatever she wants to get out of it”, and this explosive season of the hit housewives show.

King also gives us the exclusive on a new reality TV show that he’s working on, a few rumors floating around about the RHOA cast members and more. Check out the interview and excerpts below.

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On his new project, in Los Angeles, with Todd Tucker (Kandi Burrus’ husband):

It’s a docu-series about African American women that’s running through my production company, Kingdom Reign Entertainment. It’s time for me to branch out and do my own thing. The cast I have is amazing, its precedented to say the least and it’s definitely going to change the game for reality television. These women are celebrities but their stories are relatable and its definitely going to be a good show.

I’m the executive producer of the show and this show is my first venture with my company. And I partnered with Todd Tucker from House Wives of Atlanta, it’s through his company too. We are co-executive producers for this project.

Carlos King and Mona Scott Young

The biggest lesson he learned as an executive producer, from Mona Scott-Young: 

Working with Mona, I learned a lot in terms of how to really handle yourself when you have to oversee a show from start to finish. Prior to that experience I was a supervising producer and I co-executive produced Kim Zolciak’s wedding special but I wasn’t in control from start to finish. So learning from her, how she really spoke to the talent in a way where they felt comfortable with her. She’s so freaking real and she’s honest. With Mona, I learned from her be honest with the talent, let them know your comfortable, let them be comfortable and she made sure that everybody was equally represented.

RHOA Reunion

Reports that some RHOA cast members are protesting that they won’t return unless Porsha Williams does: 

I heard about that, that’s not true.

If he has influence on which RHOA cast members are fired: 

As the executive producer I can give my opinion but I don’t have the final say, the network does.

What’s preventing Marlo Hampton from being an official ‘Atlanta Housewive’: 

When it comes to being on a reality show, everybody has their option on whether they want to be a main cast member, or come on as a friend of somebody because they have an organic relationship. With Marlo, she wants to do other opportunities.

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Kandi’s wedding special:

It’s an amazing wedding special because you get to see real conversation about prenup which is big. You get to see Kandi dealing with her mother. On the day of the wedding, you finally get to see something from Kandi that you haven’t get to see before. You get to see Kandi for the first time doing what the fans want her to do. It’s a real wedding. It’s a Coming to America themed wedding. 

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On if Mimi Faust’s sex tape has the potential to brand her as the next Kim Kardashian:

I don’t know. I know Mimi, we’re actually having dinner tonight. I love Mimi, again Mimi is like Nene in a sense of someone who I see a lot of potential from. This sex tape she hasn’t really spoken about it and she’s a strong girl. Do I think this sex tape will hurt or help her, I don’t know. In my career I never dealt with a cast member having a sex tape. Other scandals, but not a sex tape. We saw what it did to Kim Kardashian’s career and she’s with Kanye and North West on the cover of Vogue. With Mimi I really don’t know. I do know that Mimi is somebody who’s authentic and loves what she does on television. I just hope that when it comes to the outcome, she gets whatever she wants to get out of it.

Rumors that he’s working on Love & Hip Hop LA: 

There’s no truth to that, I had people call me and say, ‘I have a cast member for you’. I’m not involved with Love and Hip Hop LA but I heard its amazing.

On which RHOA cast members have cursed him out at some point:

Everyone last one on every single show I worked on.

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The first RHOA that cursed him out: 

Nene Leakes cussed me out season 1. I’m like this naive producer like ‘why are you yelling at me’. Its so funny because I’m from Detroit and I remember yelling back at her. And Joy Chen was like ‘you don’t cuss out the talent, be level headed’. Now whenever I get cussed out, I’m more calm.

One thing he wish that he knew when he was younger: 

To accept me for who I am and it’s okay to be you. Regardless of what that means for everyone else for me it was like your young, black, gay, that’s fine, you’re you and you like to work, that’s fine. A lot of people like to have a negative connotation on people that are career obsessed. I’m career obsessed, that’s just who I am and as long as I’m not hurting anyone in the process that’s good.

One question for God: 

What did I do for you to bless me so much?

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels