Mathew Knowles Wasn’t Surprised Solange Knowles Attacked Jay-Z In Elevator

Mathew Knowles Wasn't Surprised Solange Knowles Attacked Jay-Z In Elevator

Mathew Knowles Wasn’t Surprised Solange Knowles Attacked Jay-Z In Elevator

For more than two decades, Mathew Knowles has worn many hats. Currently, he lectures as a professor at Texas Southern University, he is still a manager for Destiny’s Child, and has just added author to his resume. While the Knowles family is known to have a tight lip when it comes to interviews, Matthew, 66, continues to gives fans a glimpse into his famous family.

While promoting his new book – “Racism From the Eyes of a Child”,  Knowles addressed questions about a potential Destiny’s Child reunion, how he accidentally told the world Beyonce was pregnant before she made the official announcement and the epic elevator showdown between his daughter Solange and son-in-law Jay-Z. Peep the excerpts below .

On being a father:

For years, I played a dual role as manager and as father. Today, I play the role – I don’t play the role, I actually live the role – as their father. And I’m extremely proud of them. Not just with what they’ve done professionally, but how they’ve lived their life off the stage.

On if he wanted Beyonce to be the breakout star of Destiny’s Child:

No, not really. You gotta remember, I came up with this strategy – and the ladies bought into it. [But with] the last three albums, each one of the ladies each had solo projects. Michelle has had 3 #1 albums (Gospel charts) and Kelly has sold 4 or 5 million records outside of America.”

On if he thinks Destiny’s Child will get back together:

Well I’m hopeful that they will. I think we all would like that?!

On if he talks to Beyonce about a Destiny’s Child reunion:

No, I don’t. We don’t talk about that. But every work day, I have to do something with licensing with Destiny’s Child music. I’m still their manager. I have to approve of all of these things. I would know if they were going to get back together.

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Destiny’s Child Circa 2004

On what he would like to see if Destiny’s Child got back together:

I hope they don’t just get together and two or three songs. I want them to do a complete tour together.

His thoughts on leaving his job to be a full time manager to Destiny’s Child:

Well, if you are going to be committed, you have to be fully committed.

On if Tina Knowles owns half of Destiny’s Child:

Of the name or trademark? No.

 His relationship with his grandchildren:

Well, you know I’ve spent 4 or 5 times with them. You know I live in Houston. Beyonce & Jay are living mainly in Los Angeles, sometimes here [New York] – I get a chance to meet ‘em here. But I always say, even when you’re 3 years and younger, I want you to talk when I say ‘hello’, I want to hear you say ‘hi’ back. So I can’t wait till they get to that stage so we can hang out.

Mathew with daughter Solange and grandson Juelz

On his first grandchild, Julez:

Well Julez, he’s a B-Baller! I played highschool and college ball so we get to talk about basketball. He’s a teenager, believe it or not, he’s 13 years old! He’s going into the transition as 13 year old boys go, and I will spend more time with him.

On telling the world Beyonce was pregnant:

I’ll never forget this. I was on my way to the airport, it was one of those Saturday good morning shows, and I thought the scroll said, ‘Beyonce has announced–’ and when I got to the airport, I just wanted to congratulate her because I thought she had told the World. I knew [of her pregnancy], and close family members knew. It was a mistake I made. I can own that. I apologized.

Jay Z, Solange Knowles

On Solange and Jay-Z elevator incident:

I have to tell you, I laughed so hard. I laughed so hard because if you know Solange, that’s Solange. You just never know what you’re gonna get. A firecracker! Don’t know where she get that from!

On his marriage to Gena Charmaine Avery:

Most people don’t even know I’m married. It’ll be five years in a few months [July].

On if they have children:


On his new book “Racism from the Eyes of a Child”:

Well, I grew up in Gadsden, Alabama. I was born in 1952, in a little small town of 25,000 people. It was an era of racism and segregation. George Wallace was our governor. I wanted to talk about our family history our heritage.

On if he was in a two parent household:

I was. I was raised by my mother and father.

On the severity of Freedom of Choice Law:

It was in 1956 I think it was. That freedom of choice came about so parents can decide where they want their kids to go. The unwritten rule was, if you send your kid over to the white school, we’re not going to protect you. It was tough. We are talking in the early 60s. It was very difficult.

On if he got beat up as a kid:


On his mother’s statement about him bringing home dark skinned women:

She did. That was wrong, but she did a lot of great things, but that was wrong. And I internalized that as I kid, what we hear as children, sometimes we internalize that, and that affects us in our adult life. And so I choose Tina.

On what his looks like wife now:

She’s beautiful.

Clarification to his statement in regards to Beyonce not being as successful if she was dark skinned:

Look in the book, I don’t even say Beyonce’s name. What I said was, in pop radio, if you look over the last history of years, you would see the black females in pop radio of a lighter complexion.

Mathew Knowles, Solange Knowles, Tina Lawson

On the nature of his relationship with Beyonce and Solange after divorcing Tina Lawson:

Well it becomes difficult when you’re a family that’s been together that long. Fortunately, Beyonce and Solange were adults, they weren’t kids. It [divorce] affects kids differently. They have their own families. But I have to say, Tina is my friend. I knew Richard before Tina knew Richard.

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Matthew Knowles new book, “Racism From the Eyes of a Child”, can be purchased everywhere books are sold.

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