Iman Shumpert Explains How Wife Teyana Taylor Convinced Him To Do Reality TV

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert Explains How Wife Teyana Taylor Convinced Him To Do Reality TV

NBA star Iman Shumpert sat down for an interview with LA’s Power 106 Los Angeles. Shumpert, who was recently traded to the Sacramento Kings from the Cleveland Cavaliers, shared his thoughts on doing a reality TV show with wife singer/actress Teyana Taylor and his new music career. Peep the excerpts below.

On his reservations on doing reality TV: 

My initial stigma of reality television, you know what I’m saying like, I didn’t really, I’m like I’m not finna get on the TV and you know play house with somebody. That sound like a TV show.


Tryna to take that in was difficult for me and Teyana just constantly, constantly, constantly pressed the envelope of how much stuff we are doing outside of our main profession that people don’t know about because we not out here you know, over doing it or over saturating the market with it. She was like, ‘We could be going hard and posting stuff all the time and tryna get all this stuff’ and we don’t do that. This show would be a good platform just to show all the grind that goes into it.

On recording an album: 

I had a tough year, just sitting out through the injury, the one injury led to another one, getting traded, relocating, all that. Throughout this this past year, I’ve worked on a ton a music. You know what I’m saying? A lot of it was in the offseason. A lot of this year’s stuff, this is the first time I’ve been this active doing music like during a season far as having the time to do that.


I needed something to pour all my energy into while my family was gone, while my wife was filming.

On why Teyana thinks his music is angry: 

This EP, it started off wild aggressive at first and my wife was like ‘You only use music as an outlet like when you down and you mad. And it come out that way and don’t get me wrong, it’s dope. She was like everybody ain’t angry.’

On if Teyana has been affected by Kanye’s tweets or will affect her album sales: 

No. This is baby making music. It ain’t nothing..We tryna have another generation of kids and we tryna spread love through the world… June 22nd, go get the album. Don’t worry about what Ye tweeting about, he’ll be alright.

What do you think of Iman and Teyana’s show? Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Teyana?

By: @KinaGladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams