Safaree Reveals Why He’s Celibate +  Admits He Doesn’t Like Nicki Minaj’s New Music: People Love Cardi B’s Personality  

Safaree Reveals Why He’s Celibate +  Admits He Doesn’t Like Nicki Minaj’s New Music: People Love Cardi B’s Personality

Break ups can be hard, especially when there is/was love involved. Safaree and Nicki Minaj were in a 14 year relationship, and it is very clear they were in love. The “Hunnid” rapper and the multi-platinum starlet began dating back in 2000. The reportedly turbulent relationship ended back in 2014. The bombshell casts such a large shadow, that even four years after the breakup – interviewers still ask Safaree (real name Safaree Lloyd Samuels) questions about her. During a recent interview, Safaree was asked about Nicki’s recently released songs “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li” and his comments were less than flattering. He said,

Man, that’s not me. I don’t … I don’t … That’s not something I would listen to. It’s just … whatever. And I’m, like, just being honest. I’m not being a hater or nothing like that.

Safaree was a hype man and co-writer for Nicki going back to her 2010 debut solo album “Pink Friday.” They were even in a group together back in the day called The Hoodstars.  The Love and Hip Hop New York star pointed out that Cardi B was super likable.

With Cardi, people love her so much as a person that, even if her music was not as good as it [is], it still would have been ‘Bravo! You did it!’

Safaree continued to emphasize this point,

In this day and age, your personality is 80 percent of you being an artist.

Safaree recently made headlines after a d-ck pic found it’s way on social media. When asked if had he smashed any other celebrities since his d-ck pics ‘leaked’ Safaree said,

No. I am waiting until I am married!

He explained,

I feel like I am tired of giving my energy and myself out to these women who don’t appreciate me. 

Things have not been exactly easy for the #LHHNY star. In April, he was robbed at gunpoint, allegedly by someone close to him. Since then, the public has seen a more sensitive Safaree. He openly sobbed during an interview with Angie Martinez while recalling the traumatic event.

Would you like to see Nicki Minaj and Safaree reunite?


Authored by: TJB Writer