Nicole Murphy Denies Dating Nick Cannon, Says She Kept Michael Strahan’s Engagement Ring – We Were Together 8 Years 

Nicole Murphy Denies Dating Nick Cannon, Says She Kept Michael Strahan’s Engagement Ring – We Were Together 8 Years

Nicole Mitchell Murphy’s track record has shown to be more than just a mother and ex-wife. Since her days on Hollywood Exes, the mother of five has since rebranded herself as a business woman. In 2009, Murphy launched a jewelry line, and in mid 2017, she launched a fitness app.

Eddie Murphy

Murphy was previously married to comedian/actor, Eddie Murphy for 13 years – the two divorced in 2006. She was also engaged to Michael Strahan for five years, but broke it off in 2014 due to their busy schedules.

In January, the TV personality had a surprise birthday thrown for her 50th birthday. Drake, Johnny Gill, Claudia Jordan, and her children were a few faces that were spotted. Recently, Murphy stopped by the Wendy Williams Show discussing her  latest business ventures, details about her surprise party, her first time meeting Prince, what it’s like being single at 50 and if she dated Nick Cannon. See the excerpts below.

How she feels being 50 and single:

It actually does [feel good]. Right now I’m just focused on all of my businesses I’ve been doing. I’m in a good space. I’m about to be an empty nester in two years. It’s all about me trying to build my brand, and my business.

Why she remains busy:

It’s not even that [receiving child support]. I got daughters. I have a son. It’s really about being a strong black woman. Having your stuff together; taking care of yourself; having your own money. I want them to see we can do this. It’s about empowering each other.

How her surprise 50th birthday party came about:

Okay listen, I was told I was going to a Golden Globes Pre-Party. I was at the Beverly Wilshire [a hotel in California]. I was with my mother, that was my date.

The details on who attended and put the party together:

All my kids. My family – everybody! It was like all my friends. My girlfriends put it together.

Nicole Murphy Celebrates 50th Bash w/ Drake

When asked about her and Drake’s interaction at the party:

I was surprised! Trust me! I gave him a big hug we took pictures, and I went off and we were dancing.

If Eddie is ever involved with any of Nicole’s birthday festivities:

No, unfortunately. He was invited, though – apparently.

If he got her a gift:


Nicole & Michael circa 2012

Her engagement with Michael Strahan:

We were together for 8 years. We got engaged 2 years in. But guess what, I kept the ring. Yes I did! I deserved that ring!

When asked why she kept it:

We’re really good friends.

If she wants to get married again:

Absolutely, I do! I would love to get married.

If she was dating with Nick Cannon:

No! Nick Cannon and I were only friends. Don’t believe those guys.

Mel B

If she gets along with Mel B., Eddie Murphy’s baby mother who he shares one child:

Great. I have no issues with her; that was all after the fact.

Her first time meeting Prince:

Yes! [We’ve met] too many times! I always said he was a vampire, and I was one of his wives that he called upon every few years. I would always bump into this man.

The first encounter was when I was 17 years old, I was in Paris – you can go to a club at a very young age, so it was a big deal. We [Murphy and her roommate] were in the club dancing, then I look, and there was this dude with buttons going down the side of his pants. I said, ‘Girl, look at that dude trying to look like Prince!

Her thoughts on being voted “Best Butt” on social media:

I did not know that! I just found out before I walked out here. Now, I’m going to have to go get my butt insured.

If she’s been out with her daughters:

Yeah, we’ve been out before. It’s a little awkward, because I’m still mama! I might have told hold back a little bit, but I might get a little swirl in.

If she’s always been into fitness:

Yes, especially after having kids! I think it’s very important to keep yourself together.

 Her new fitness app:

I’m showing you how to eat properly and work out!

Her jewelry line, “FLP: Friends, Love, and Peace”:

It’s called FLP by Nicole Murphy!

By: CaDarius Booker


Authored by: TJB Writer