Ari Fletcher Says “We Never Had A Contract” After Designer Accused Her Of Stealing Dress Design For Award Show

Ari Fletcher

Ari Fletcher Says “We Never Had A Contract” After Designer Accused Her Of Stealing Dress Design For BET Awards Look

Social media star Ari Fletcher is responding to a woman accusing her of theft.

Following a recent award show, a designer named Gigi Hunter accused socialite Ari Fletcher, 26, of stealing her dress design. The fashionista claims she previously sent Ari a custom dress in exchange for a social media tag, but was ghosted before the post was ever made. Additionally, the owner of The Gigi Hunter Collections is accusing the influencer of using that same dress for her recent red carpet look.

Ari Fletcher

In a series of statements posted to her business page, Gigi wrote:

“@therealkylesister had me make her a dress in exchange for a post/tag – she ghosted me and kept the dress only to wear this fake knock off of my brand LOL”

And continued:

“This is the dress she had me make just to ghost me when I asked her when she was going to post it. Who knows her? Because she can send it back now.”

Gigi then went on to share a set of text messages exchanged between her and the mother of rapper G-Herbo’s son. In the texts, Ari agrees to wear the dress during her upcoming trip to the Bahama’s but apparently never does. Gigi asks multiple times about the status of piece, but is ultimately met with silence.

Ari responded to the accusations, claiming that the interaction took place more than a year ago, and that she didn’t wear the dress because it was “ugly”. She stated:

“That message is from May 25th, 2021 Over a YEAR ago. You OFFERED to send me a dress. We never has any agreement or contract or payments,”

Ari Fletcher

Then continued:

“You just OFFERED and I let you send a dress. I didn’t wear the dress because it’s ugly. I’m not obligated to wear nothing I’m not on contract for. Still stalking me a year later…go work on your craft weirdo.”

As part of her internet stardom, Ari regularly uses her page for promotional opportunities. Boasting 5.5 million instagram followers, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to send free items in exchange for pub. However it seems in this instance, business was not conducted as desired by both parties.

As previously reported, it’s been confirmed that Ari will star in an upcoming BET reality series. The show will also star entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves, and fellow musicians Dess Dior and rap star Lakeyah Robinson.

Despite, Gigi says this moment doesn’t take away from all the work she’s put in over her career. Giving her last thoughts on the incident, she stated:

“Everyone has their own opinion and that’s okay. I vented out of frustration – I do not need the clout. At the end of the day, my creations and my history in the game say enough. It’a lesson learned. Y’all be blessed.”

Do you think Ari was wrong for not returning the dress? Give us your thoughts in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson