Dominique Perry Talks “Insecure” Baby Daddy Sarunas Jackson + Says Dating In the Industry Is ‘Trash’


DomiNique Perry Talks “Insecure” Baby Daddy Sarunas Jackson + Says Dating In the Industry Is ‘Trash’

Outside of being a new mother, Insecure actress Dominique Perry is exercising her experience and expertise of being in the entertainment industry to anyone who is willing to listen. Perry took a break from tending to her daughter, Xen, to attend the Texas Black Expo (June 9th) in Houston, TX, where she was a panelist for the Diva Dialogue Panel.

Perry stopped by local radio station, 97.9 The Box to give some brief details on her being a new mother, dating in Los Angeles, and how her and Sarunas Jackson (Dro on Insecure) became involved with each other. Peep the excerpts below.

On being a new mom:

It’s been amazing. She’s only like a couple of weeks old, but these couple of weeks have been amazing – a learning process. Trying to learn to be a new mom, but then trying to get my snapback right; it’s a lot.

When asked how her and her baby daddy became involved:

There was no romance brewing on the set! It was after! He was like, ‘Ima hit you up after your name is off that call list!’

She speaks on how hard dating is while being in the industry:

I don’t really date in the industry. In Los Angeles, the dating is a little bit different. The dating is trash. Being from the south, and uprooting up there, you realize the sistas aren’t really getting any love out there. It kind of makes it easy and you be like, ‘Well I ain’t dating!’ I see so many beautiful sistas just walking alone out there.

On the consequences of not dating:

It’s been easier for me to just focus on my career.

By: Cadarius Booker 


Authored by: TJB Writer