LHHAtl’s Rasheeda’s Mom Confronted By Angry Fan For Not Taking Photo Without Purchase: You’re A B*tch!

LHHAtl’s Rasheeda’s Mom Confronted By Angry Fan For Not Taking Photo Without Purchase: You’re A B*tch!

It was a shouting match at Rasheeda Frost’s Pressed Houston location over the weekend. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) star’s mother, Shirleen Watkins was only following her daughter’s store policy when two women became enraged after Watkins declined to take a photo until they made a purchase. What was said and took place after Watkins declined was caught all on camera and posted online Sunday.

After Watkins enforced the policy, the patrons immediately became irate as they began to debate about the store policy. In the beginning of the video, Watkins tries to reason, by explaining the policy. She

There will be no videos or pictures without purchase. That’s Rasheeda’s idea now, not mine.

One patron questions the policy, inquiring if it’s on the store front’s website, and after hearing new information, she rebuttals,

I think that’s the rudest sh*t ever. That’s why you don’t give black people fame. That’s just like T.I. saying, ‘Buy my album, then I’ll take a picture!’ That’s rude.

Before being cut short, Watkins tries to elaborate on her initial point, she prematurely utters,

Black folks come in here b*tchin’ about how other black folks do. I’m not T.I. I’m not sayin’ that.

The conversation quickly became escalated and took a turn for the worst after one of the patrons really spoke her mind. The patron exclaimed, “

You just like the bi-ch on TV!

Watkins quickly replied,

Well, I am the b*tch that’s on TV! You damn right! I am the bi-ch on TV.

As the patrons began to escort themselves out of the store, they began to shout even more vulgar terms, deeming Watkins a “bi-ch,” they also told her,

f-ck you and that sign,” and her “old ass [is] living off of Rasheeda!

As the women roared over each other, Watkins fought fire with fire. After hearing “f-ck you,” she responded with a “f-ck you, too,” explaining,

I do pictures upon purchase! It’s fucking optional! You don’t have to take it! You can leave!

At one point, it seems as if the patrons tried to explain their point of view; expounding on the reason for the anger was simply because it was the principle of the matter, and that Watkins was rude from the
initial point of contact. Since the initial posting of the video, the public has come to the defense of Watkins via social media. She has not posted a photo since June 20th, but her recent comments have been flooded with support.

One user wrote,

Ms Shirleen. Those girls were dead wrong for what they did. You told them nicely the policy, and they got ignorant with you. First of all they should have bought something before expecting a picture. Nobody is obligated to take pictures anyway. It’s was sad to see them curse at you like that. That was so uncalled for. Love you

Another said,

So sorry those self righteous idiotic birds disrespected you like that in YOUR business, yes YOUR’S. Being there means you’re building the business with your daughter. They were completely out of order. You could’ve called security b/c the Gallerian doesn’t tolerate that type bs. Instead you held your own but it’s sickening that you had to. Black ppl are our own worst enemy. You guys brought black ownership into a place where black dollars are spent but not made. These fools are the type of embarrassment that bring our ppl down. They were screaming all they wanted was Sweetie Pies and a ‘picture’ at Pressed, not a purchase

While another took matters into their own hands,

I cussed them nasty ass itches out so bad they blocked me!!! I wish i was there i would’ve smacked one of them. U did an u don’t owe them tramps nothing

Watkins nor Rasheeda have responded to the surfacing of the video.

Do you think Ms. Shirleen could have handled the situation differently?

By: CaDarius Booker 



Authored by: TJB Writer