Master P: 2 Witnesses Confessed To Lying Under Oath During My Brother C-Murder’s Murder Trial

Master P

Master P: 2 Witnesses Confessed To Lying Under Oath During My Brother C-Murder’s Murder Trial

Master P has provided new information in regards to his brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller’s murder conviction. Just last week, a witness came forward and retracted on their original testimony, confessing they were forced – by law enforcement – to lie under oath and convict Miller of the 2002 slaying of teen, Steve Thomas. Romeo, the nephew to the incarcerated rapper, shared the news to his Instagram, writing,

My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didn’t do and today the whole world knows he’s innocent. The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the ‘famous rapper.’

According to Master P, another witness has come forward and recanted on their testimony, as well. The No Limit CEO shared a lengthy post to his Instagram about the second witness who says they were tricked by law enforcement during the trial in 2009. With an image of his brother, Percy attached a revealing caption about the second witness’ confessions.

Last week, a man named Kenneth Jordan admitted he lied under oath during Corey Miller’s trials, after cops threatened him with arrest. ‘I remember that they asked me if Corey Miller did the murder. My very first statement to them was Corey Miller didn’t do this. They tricked me, I wasn’t signing the photo to ID the shooter. I signed it because they told me to. They got me to ID Corey Miller’s picture and sign it,’ Darnell Jordan continued. Jordan claims he did not want to testify at Corey Miller’s first trial, so he skipped the state of Louisiana and headed to California.

Percy has advocated for the freedom for his brother through social media. He has posted several news outlets covering the unearthing of new information and even shared a video of him speaking – over the
phone ­– with his brother about the good news. Since these witnesses have come forward, Corey has motioned for a judge to throw out his murder conviction.

Corey was found guilty for the murder of Steve Thomas, 16, who was shot outside of a night club in Harvey, Louisiana. After being found guilty of the 2002 shooting, Corey was sentenced to serve a mandatory life sentence with no parole in 2009.

He has denied he murdered Thomas, and prior to the ruling, Corey had no criminal record.

By: CaDarius Booker 

Authored by: TJB Writer