Love & Hip Hop’s Moniece Slaughter & Girlfriend AD Diggs Split

‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s’ Moniece Slaughter and AD Diggs Split

Sad news for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood fans. Moniece Slaughter and girlfriend, AD Diggs, have reportedly ended their relationship. And it seems that AD broke it off unexpectedly and publicly with an Instagram story post. It reads:

 I wasn’t going to even address this cause I feel like it should be a private matter but I see that she can’t seem to respect that. Moniece and I are officially broken up. I don’t wish to share the personal reasons behind why. I respect both of our families way to much and they have already been through wnough with our relationship. I wish Moniece nothing but the best. And to my close friends and family thank you for always loving and suppiorting me!! AD”

Moniece responded, disappointed and hurt by AD’s decision, by reposting the message with the following caption:

 Probably the worst thing I could have ever seen. The worst pain I’ve ever felt. Ans a message I’m nto ready to accept. But this is how she feels. So I guess there is indeed no hope for repair. And I guess I’ll have no choice but to let it go. Feeling isn’t mutual and I desparately wished things could have been different. But I can’t make some love me the way I love them.

AD also posted to her Instagram story:

 Unless God sent you…Shawty, I’m unavailable

Moniece received an outpouring of encouragement and well-wishes from fans, friends, and family. The first reads:

Baby cakes just be free and love Monice. Me and my girlfriend broke up in Decemeber and we threw down, I mean knock down drag out emotionally & physically. But here we are today married and saying fucccccc err body

Moniece responded:

I hope and pray. Because this is the worst pain I have EEVEEEERRRR felt.

Some of the other messages read:

I am sending you love and light. We dont know each other but I feel your pain from here. You have ppl sending you love all the way from Oklahoma

Praying for you mo! You have so much going for you and I’ll be first in line to buy your next single ;)

A grieving Moniece refuted negativity from social media users telling her she shouldn’t be upset. She commented:

When you post generated positivity and encouragement vs her post that caused public humiliation perpetuated hate fueled negativity and intensified the pain my relationshp was not fake. I’m not gay for pay. My son is involved. My real friends are involved. My pain is real. She hasn’t filmed in months. And she put it out there so you won’t be seeing it on camera. It’s not a storyline. My hurt my pain what I feel is very f*cking real. Respect it or shut up.

She continued:

To everybody that saw her post that’s now blasted on every major blog that’;s text me,. Called me. DM’d me. Thank you for being so supportive. I really do appreciate you all. I just need a minute to process. But I see the calls and texts coming in.

Despite the fact that AD hasn’t filmed recently, will the unraveling of Moniece’s and AD’s relationship be mentioned Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

By: Miata Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer