Ex Married 2 Med Star Lisa Nicole Cloud & Husband Celebrate 11 Year Anniversary After Facing Infidelity Rumors

Lisa Nicole Cloud & husband Darren

Ex Married 2 Med Star Lisa Nicole Cloud & Husband Celebrate 11 Year Anniversary After Facing Infidelity Rumors

July is definitely a great month for quite a few of your favorite celebs because it marks when their love story begin. Former Married To Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud is someone who values love and
happiness. She and her husband celebrate many years of martial bliss this month. The former reality star took to social media to share a very sweet and loving post.

Lisa posted a series of photos from her wedding day on her Instagram page with very lengthy caption wishing her husband Darren Naugles a happy anniversary.

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Today I celebrate and honor 11 years of marriage with the man of my dreams. He is an amazing husband, friend, confidant, life partner, father, and soul mate. He is the one person who makes my heart flutter and when I see him today and I still find him irresistible and the finest man on earth.

She continued,

He drives me crazy sometimes but I can’t imagine doing this thing called life without him. The journey hasn’t always been easy but with God at our foundation we manage to make it work. Marriage is about commitment to do the work until death do you part. Marriage is a covenant with God. It’s hard to sometimes to stay aligned but the enemy has no victory in my home.

Happy Anniversary Darren Naugles. Here’s to a lifetime of celebrated anniversaries together. For all the other married couples who have had moments of blissful love and difficult times of struggle….stay committed. Keep God at the center of your marriage and always Love unconditionally and forgive the way God forgives you. If we can make it…you can too. God Bless.

The sweet photos received some many praises and encouragement from followers and fans.

Darren, Lisa & their children

One follower left a comment under her post saying,

Happy Anniversary. Only you know what your marriage stands for and I’m so happy that you fight for it!!

Another follower commended Lisa for choosing her marriage over fame and left this comment under the post:

Congratulations on your anniversary, while others will prefer fame to happiness, you did the opposite. I applaud you for that.

One fan was supportive of her decision to leave the show and put her marriage first.

Happy Anniversary! I’m glad you left the show and saved your marriage!

Back in November 2017, we broke the story of the couple having martial trouble and infidelity issues. Lisa made headlines after audio surfaced of her leaving a voicemail for a woman who was allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with her husband. She became aware, sources stated that,

When she was on the show, she was open about her husband being unfaithful and with this situation, they’re focused on making their marriage stronger.

It was later confirmed that the audio was a few months old during that time and the issue had been addressed. She became aware of the alleged mistress after going through her husband’s phone. The woman was not aware that Lisa and her husband were still together and working on saving their marriage. According to a source,

Darren was telling her that he was unhappy with his marriage and that they weren’t together anymore.

The couple has since then worked on their marriage and are focused on leaving infidelity issues in the

Congratulations again Lisa and Darren on celebrating 11 years of marriage.

By: Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: TJB Writer