Jailed R. Kelly Claims He’s Not A Flight Risk Because He Owes The IRS $2 Million

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Jailed R. Kelly Claims He’s Not A Flight Risk Because He Owes The IRS $2 Million

American singer/songwriter Robert Kelly, better known as R. Kelly, feels that because he owes the IRS nearly $2 million, he does not have the means to be considered a flight risk if released from prison pending his trial.  As previously reported, due to the coronavirus pandemic, 53-year-old R. Kelly is currently on a mission to await his trial from the comfort of his girlfriend’s home instead of behind prison bars. However, prosecutors feel that the Grammy-Award winning artist is not only a flight risk but also a danger to the public. 

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The U.S. Attorney, Richard P. Donoghue, says that R.Kelly does not have any preexisting medical conditions that would call for his release amid the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to that, Donoghue also reminds the court of the serious charges, such as child pornography and sex trafficking, that have been brought against R.Kelly.   

In response to being called a flight risk, R.Kelly’s attorney filed a letter with the court stating that due to his financial debt the Chicago born native does not have the resources needed to flee. 

“The monies the Government claims Mr. Kelly has access to are not the kind of funds that would present an opportunity to flee, let alone live a life covertly in exile. It similarly ignores the fact that the current environment of restricted traveling commercial activities would make it that much more difficult than before, and albeit impossible for a celebrity like Mr. Kelly, to flee from prosecution.”

R.Kelly claims that even though he made $200,000 in royalty proceeds since the start of 2020 he’s used a portion of that to pay his team and staff members. In addition to that, he also owes the IRS close to $2 million.

Prosecutors believe that it’s not honest of R.Kelly to say he has nowhere to flee to because he has a large number of people that’s willing to assist him and act on his behalf.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel