Delicia Cordon Sues Ex-Boyfriend LeSean McCoy, Says he Beats His Son & Dog

Delicia Cordon Sues Ex-Boyfriend LeSean McCoy, Says he Beats His Son & Dog

Delicia Cordon is revealing chilling details about her ex-boyfriend, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy. In a lawsuit filed last Friday in the state of Georgia, Cordon is revealing she has seen McCoy become overtly aggressive with his dog and his son during the time of their relationship. The filing follows about a month after Cordon was pummeled due to a home invasion where jewelry McCoy had previously requested was stolen. The lawsuit does not provide any details of the break-in but it does catalog the beginning stages of their relationship.


The court documents state McCoy had become “erratic with his behavior” during the 2016 NFL off-season and that McCoy would beat his dog in front of her and her friends.

“He would exhibit rage and often brutally beat his dog in the presence of the Plaintiff and her friends. McCoy did not care who was present. When Plaintiff expressed concern about McCoy beating his dog, he would turn his anger against the Plaintiff.”


LeSean McCoy Jr., 6, would visit their home during the off-season and as he was there to spend time with his father, Cordon says McCoy was aggressively violent with him.

“McCoy would aggressively, physically discipline and beat his young son over minor mistakes that all young children make. When Plaintiff questioned McCoy about beating his son, he would yell and scream at Plaintiff for commenting on how he should raise his son.”

The suit claims McCoy’s behavior eventually began to develop and change as McCoy, his baby mama, and their son’s court proceeding was steadily approaching. Cordon is suing McCoy and his personal assistant Tamarcus Porter for facilitating a dangerous living environment due to the security system being changed within the home and not giving her access to it. Reportedly, Porter stays in the guest bedroom from time to time.

Over the weekend, Cordon spoke out since the home invasion in July. She posted a message to Instagram, thanking her followers, friends, and family for all the positivity and prayers which has been sent her way. She began, “I want to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation to every last one of you that prayed for me during the last month! Every positive post, text, call, & direct message meant a lot to me! Thx to everyone who sent flowers (even strangers), thoughtful gifts & encouraging words. Also those of u who even lost a few brain cells from arguing in my defense with the most ignorant individuals ever.”



Authored by: Kellie Williams