Danielle Brooks Turns Heads In Revealing Bathing Suit [Stop & Stare]

Danielle Brooks Turns Heads In Bathing Suit

Danielle Brooks definitely exemplifies what is to be confident and loving every part of themselves. The 28- year-old actress and star of the hit show, Orange Is The New Black,  took to social media to share a head turning photo. She posted a photo on her Instagram page with the caption,

“Why Photoshop when you this P•H•A•T (Pretty, Hot, And Tempting)”.

Why Photoshop when you this P•H•A•T (Pretty, Hot, And Tempting) ???

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In the pic her hair is braided with beautiful beads securing the ends and she is wearing an orange bathing suit in which she is flaunting her curves. The flawless photo received many praises from followers and fans.

Actress Teyonah Parris left a comment under post saying,

Yaaaaaaaaasssss!!! SLAAAAAAYYY, QUEEN!!!

Shonda Rhimes loved the photo of the star and left this comment under her post.


Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins also left a comment under the post.


Danielle’s photo left her followers feeling very inspired. Seeing the pic helped them to have confidence in their bodies too!! One follower left this encouraging comment under the post and thanked actress for
representing curvy women.

Yeeesss Girl! Thank you for Reppin and showing me it’s ok to love my size and the dark skin that I have. Thank you for lovin yourself so I can love myself!!!!!

Another follower complimented her for not using photoshop.

Photoshop what!? You’re perfect! Love this swimsuit color.

Back in 2017, the star modeled in lingerie as a part Lane Bryant’s “ImNoAngel” campaign. In September of that year, during an interview with CosmopolitanBrooks discussed what fashion means to her, the way it affected her body image, and finally how she learned to be fearless about showing herself in every way. She explained,

It is still really hard to get people to design for me. It’s frustrating because you feel like you’re the (minority). You feel this pull of what it means to be “sample size” and you’re not that and (most designers) don’t have anything (that fits).

Danielle also spoke on the importance of movements like the “ImNoAngel” campaign, which put curvy women on billboards and commercials, are so important.

We are here and we deserve to be designed for. We deserve to spend our money on expensive stuff (if we want).

Danielle Brooks

She then went on to speak about how seeing herself modeling lingerie on a billboard made her feel.

I love it. I’m sure the way in which the Victoria’s Secret models feel about being a part of that (franchise)— that’s how I feel! I feel beautiful when I watch the commercials or see myself on a bus. But it’s not only because it is me on a bus, it’s also what we represent — telling the world to get out of these social norms of what it means to be beautiful.

What do you think of Danielle’s photo?

By: Kina Lenee Gladney


Authored by: Kellie Williams