Kelis Responds To Nas Fans Slamming Her Over Custody Drama – Satan Is the Father Of Lies!

Nas, Kelis

Kelis Responds To Nas Fans Slamming Her Over Custody Drama – Satan Is the Father Of Lies!

The milkshake is thickening by the minute! Drama between exes – rapper Nas and singer-turned-chef Kelis – is spilling into social media. Nas and Kelis have been enthralled in a nasty custody/child support battle over their son for several years. Kelis shockingly revealed allegations of domestic abuse within their marriage this past April in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

Nas finally responded to Kelis’ allegations in a recent lengthy Instagram post. He denies all claims that he put his hands on his ex-wife. He said:

“Everything with her is a plot and a scheme. Has no merit. No foundation
I didn’t Wana speak up because i have real respect for our women. And definitely my son. I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court. How much money do you want? Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want? Just tell me. After all the tweets and posts you made thru the years disrespecting me and my family I still have love for you as the mother of my child BUT I am done with this.”

Ironically, both Nas and Kelis were in Atlanta this weekend. They were featured performers at the One Music Festival. Kelis snapped her arrival at the airport. She said:

“@kelis What’s up #atl?!”

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What's up #atl?!

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She also shared a Boomerang of part of her performance. She captioned:

“@kelis Mood: Turning up the @onemusicfest stage with @djnikkibeatnik ! Thank you all for coming out sharing all your positive vibes with me ! #onemusicfestival
wearing some of favorite it’s from: @churchboutique @levis @melodyehsani”

No reports of face-to-face drama between the exes have surfaced, but Kelis went to war in her comments section with Instagram users. Her replies ranged from calm and clarifying to Queen Petty. Check out a few below:

“@shavonherald Loved u since milkshake! But put ur feelings aside the child is always the one that sees and suffers and he won’t be a child FOREVER never forget that and he will hold you to all he did see and heard that u think he didn’t! Good luck!

@kelis my child is beautiful and safe and very loved . This fight is not about him in actuality. It’s just being made to look like it is. Satan is the father of lies and what’s done in the dark will always come to light. But thanks babe xo”

“@dr_dundun Milkshake you are very beautiful woman but your heart is colder than a Las Vegas hooker Tru story

@kelis lol cause u know me ? LOL that’s funny though”

“@_prettyqui84 Hate how people could judge but honestly dnt know the real just like myself lol regular folks be to caught up into these celebrities lives! We dnt know who’s lying but quick to say @kelis is the one doing all the lying

@kelis people are dumb , and so used to demonizing women that pure logic and honesty escape them . It’s more unfortunate for them then it is for me . I escaped and things look pretty good from where I am . Xoxo”

“@justinjones0814 Evil

@kelis yo mama”

Nas and Kelis married in 2005, and divorced in 2009. They share a nine-year-old son named Knight.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams