Jennifer Williams Explains Skipping ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion, Slams Shaunie O’Neal – She Starts Bullsh*t Behind-The-Scenes

Jennifer Williams, Shaunie O’Neal

Jennifer Williams Explains Skipping ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion, Slams Shaunie O’Neal – She Starts Bullsh*t Behind-The-Scenes

theJasmineBRAND broke the story last month, Jennifer Williams was missing in action from the Basketball Wives reunion.

The story was confirmed when Jennifer was absent on Sunday night when the episode aired. The VH1 reality star is now explaining why she skipped the reunion. Jennifer says that the reunion filmed on a Sunday and her lawyer notified production via email on Friday. She says that production waited hours outside of her home and caught her outside while she walked her dog. She says that she didn’t feel safe and they promised that they’d have extra security. Nonetheless, she opted out.

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Shaquille O’Neal

Jennifer explains how she brought up the rumor about Evelyn and Shaq.

Tami and I ended up getting cool talking, catching up. Tami was revealing a lot of things that Evelyn allegedly was doing and I was like ‘Wow, it’s been so long why is this still happening?’ I feel like Tami felt a way because I let the whole sh*t with Evelyn go and I think she was upset about that because that was not the plan.

She says that Tami was like

‘Listen, we need to take her [Evelyn] down…’ At the time, I was down with it because all of things I was hearing that she was doing.

Jennifer says that one of the things that Tami told her was that Evelyn orchestrated Jennifer getting hit, years ago, on Basketball Wives LA by Evelyn’s friend Nia Crooks. Jennifer also says that she was told that Evelyn allegedly sold stories to the blogs about her and another celebrity. Jennifer declined to say who the ‘celebrity’ was.

‘I don’t want to say’.

Shaunie O’Neal

She also points the finger at Shaunie O’Neal, who is both an executive producer and cast member on the show:

She starts a lot of bullshit behind the scenes.

At another point in the interview, she expands on Shaunie’s alleged role in stirring up drama:

Shaunie starts a lot of things behind the scenes….It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory. She couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things, which had happened … She never wants to be in the middle of everything.

Jennifer admits that there has been lots of drama this season, which translates to more coins for Shaunie.

The ratings have been out the room, which means that’s an extra check for Shaunie O’Neal.

Evelyn & Shaniece circa 2015

She also denies saying anything negative about Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shaniece.

If I allegedly said this 5 years ago and this is your girl, why are you just now bringing this up?

When asked if she’s ever said anything about Shaniece she says,

No, not at all. None of that.

Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams (circa 2011)

Whether or not her friendship with Evelyn will ever be repaired, she explains,

I don’t want drama with anybody, I feel like this show has ripped our friendship apart, more than once and I don’t know if it can ever get back to where it was. My hope is one day that we can be cordial…I feel like the girls on the show are really jealous.


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Jennifer responds to cast mate Malaysia Pargo throwing a table at her during the last episode of the show,

I’m thinking am I going to have to fight this big b*tch….You’re trying to show your son certain things (referring to the episode when she takes her son to meet a police officer), but yet and still you go and throw a table?

She says that while the table didn’t hit her, it hit security and

‘he was all bloody’.

Tami & Jennifer circa 2016

When asked if she has regrets she responds,

I wish I didn’t have certain conversations with Tami [Roman] because I feel like she definitely had bad intentions, but I don’t wanna do the woulda, shoulda, coulda. I feel like everything is so petty and dumb.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer doesn’t completely close the door on her returning to the show.

Every season I feel like somebody has to take the fall. They gang up on somebody every season. It was my turn ya know? I honestly would like to move forward in my life … I’m under contract – I don’t know what’s going to happen….I just want to move forward.

Jennifer Williams, Tim Norman

She also discusses drama with ex boyfriend, Welcome to Sweetie Pies reality star Tim Norman. When asked if If Tim was abusive she says,

He’s never put his hands on me, but I will say that I know that he’s done that to other women.

On a lighter note, Jennifer is dating a new man that lives in Atlanta. He’s a realtor, has kids, has been married before and is under 50. She gushes,

He’s a boss…. It’s very new, so we’ll see….He’s black.

She adds,

He did not know who I was and he is not a fan of reality shows.

As for what’s next for Jennifer she says,

I really want to get into producing and I want to produce content and things that are close to my heart. I want to do scripted though.

See the full interview below.

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