Cardi B Reveals Why She Chose To Confront Nicki Minaj At Fashion Week – “I Wasn’t Going To Catch Her In The Grocery Store”

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj

Cardi B Reveals Why She Chose To Fight Nicki Minaj At Fashion Week – “I Wasn’t Going To Catch Her In The Grocery Store”

Cardi B covered W Magazine‘s art issue and in the publication, she’s officially opening up about what sparked the altercation between her and Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion and why it went down the way it did.

By now, we all know what occurred during New York Fashion Week last month and according to Cardi B, she was upset with Nicki Minaj talking behind her back and threatening other artists not to work with her.  However, she was really set off when Nicki Minaj allegedly liked a tweet from a fan calling her a bad parent.  Cardi B tells W Magazine,

For a while now she’s been taking a lot of shots at me. I spoke to her twice before and we came to an understanding. But she kept it going.

Cardi then references the tweet that Nicki Minaj liked.

I was going to make millions off my Bruno Mars tour, and I sacrificed that to stay with my daughter. I love my daughter. I’m a good-ass fucking mom. So for somebody that don’t have a child to like that comment? So many people want to say that party wasn’t the time or the place, but I’m not going to catch another artist in the grocery store or down the block.

Nicki Minaj denies ever saying anything bad about Kulture or Cardi’s parenting, and although everyone has weighed in on the incident that took place in September, Cardi’s only concern is her daughter.

My baby. That’s all I give a fuck about right now. I’m thinking about how my money’s going to last so this girl is 21 and put in college. I’m thinking about investments. I’m thinking about five years from now and about the craziest shit like, How am I going to discipline this girl?

You can read Cardi’s entire W Magazine interview here.

Authored by: Eleven8