Bill Cosby Did NOT Get Slapped With A Chicken Patty In Jail

An Official From the Pennsylvania Prison Has Released A Statement

Reports surfaced Monday of Bill Cosby being slapped in the face with a chicken patty while in prison. Allegedly, Cosby was confronted by a fellow inmate after making a joke that wasn’t well received. In return, the fellow inmate allegedly threw a chicken patty at Cosby and it hit him in the face. As social media had a field day with the thought of actor being potentially whacked, new reports are confirming the situation never happened.

Bill Cosby Mugshot

Reportedly, an official from the Pennsylvania jail where Cosby is serving his three to 10 years has confirmed Cosby is not even in general population yet.

This did NOT happen, and I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news.

As previously reported, for Cosby’s first few weeks in prison, he is under an evaluation period – which could take up to weeks/months to complete. Law enforcement officials are evaluating the actor turned inmate to determine which prison is best suitable for him, under the consideration of his needs, external factors, and his health issues.

Authored by: Andre Palmer