Aubrey O’Day Says Diddy Did NOT Pay Danity Kane: He Never Cut The Check

Aubrey O’Day Calls Out Diddy For Not Paying Danity Kane: He Never Cut The Check

In the early 2000s, popular girl group Danity Kane, dominated the pop industry with hits like “Ride For You,” “Show Stopper,” and “Damaged,” but the fiery group sizzled out in 2009 after they broke up in the midst of filming “Making the Band,” the show where they were discovered. In 2014, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex, and Aubrey O’Day came together to form a three woman girl group called “DK3,” and released an album. As the women prepare new music and a “new era,” they’re recanting their experiences when it was a group of five.

During a recent interview, the women were asked about how they plan to dominate the stage. Richard began to explain,

It’s magic. Because it always, at our core, was the chemistry. People who know us, and have grown with us like we told you, we were formed together. So, to be able to establish the kind of chemistry we had – we weren’t sisters, we didn’t know each other – the kind of chemistry that we created was so beautiful and so authentic, because it wasn’t forced, we had to make that work or it wouldn’t sell, it wouldn’t be the group that it was –

O’Day interjected, claiming that the group had not been properly compensated.

And we weren’t being paid. I mean, don’t get it twisted, Diddy did never send the check. We never got a big payment. We had to like each other without getting paid, we had to like each other genuinely because we believed that was powerful for women, and for society in general, but specifically, because we’re a girl group, for women.

Richard finishes,

And that translates on stage.


O’Day failed to outline the specifics in her accusations, but this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned the group hasn’t been compensated. In 2015, when O’Day and Bex formed a group called “dumblonde,” the pair went on The Breakfast Club to discuss their new music. During this time, O’Day also mentioned how Danity Kane allegedly grossed millions, but never saw a dime.

Authored by: Andre Palmer