RHOA’s Porsha Williams Finacé Dennis McKinley Accused Of Domestic Abuse & Impregnating Ex-Girlfriend He Sued & Evicted

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Finacée Dennis McKinley Accused Of Domestic Abuse & Impregnating Ex-Girlfriend He Sued & Evicted

Things were all fine and dandy until Porsha Williams fiancée and baby daddy Dennis McKinley turned up in some legal drama with his alleged ex-girlfriend/baby mama, according to Radar Online. Before McKinley met, dated, impregnated, and proposed to Williams, the serial entrepreneur was also allegedly dating Shanise Thomason, who he evicted and sued, and who also allegedly carried his baby. McKinley reportedly requested for Thomason to be evicted from his apartment in 2014.

[Thomason] holds the premises over and beyond the term for which they were allowed to stay. A written request to leave the premises was provided to the defendant on or around January 10, 2014.

In May 2015, McKinley reportedly sued his ex for stealing weave and hair extensions, and for also providing misleading information about his hair company, Queen Virgin Remy. Thomason reportedly got hit with a lawsuit which detailed she was being sued for,

trademark infringement, conversion and other wrongful acts.

Citing she had no

ownership rights or interests in Queen Virgin Remy.

Shanise Thomason,

The lawsuit detailed  Thomason was arrested and charged for shoplifting in February 2015,

Defendant Thomason entered the Queen Virgin Remy retail store in Columbus and unlawfully took Queen Virgin Remy hair products from the store without paying.

McKinley noted his ex had bagged at least 67% of inventory which totaled out to be about $5,900 worth of merchandise. After being charged with shoplifting, Thomason moved forward with a counterclaim, denying she shoplifted from her own store because she was a co-owner of the hair company, accusing McKinley of pressing charges falsely and maliciously.

In June 2012, Counterclaim Defendant McKinley proposed to Ms. Thomason that they open a storefront hair extension business in Atlanta. Ms. Thomason and McKinley agreed to become partners in the Queen Virgin Remy business in the summer of 2012.

According to reports, Thomason agreed provide the start-up money for the business, stating he had no money to start the company himself, allegedly agreeing to split establish a 50/50 partnership. Also, in 2012, Thomason says McKinley allegedly registered company under his name as the sole owner without her knowledge.

McKinley also did not include Ms. Thomason on other company documents for their business, was all done in violation of their partnership agreements.

In 2018, the ex-couple came to a confidential settlement, and Thomason was prohibited from using all uses of Queen Virgin Remy, indefinitely.

Jamecia Simmons

Following the news of the lawsuit gaining attention, a woman who is identified as Thomason’s daughter, Jamecia Simmons, released a lengthy statement via her Instagram, accusing McKinley for allegedly abusing her mother.

I have been quiet the whole time McKinley since my mom @hairbyaoki has been in this lawsuit with u but u will not lie & make her look bad. All this fakeness to get on tv. You ain’t nothing but a fraud, crook & a thief. U out [here] holding Porsha stomach in pics but the whole time my mom was pregnant by u..u jumped on her & beat on her am I lying McKinley? All the hurt u caused my mom i will never forgive u!!! U asked my mom to be your business partner in Queen Virgin Remy because u didn’t have the money to start it thn u go & lie & take it from us. I finished school early to help build it & this is what u do? U put your name as the sole owner knowing u didn’t even have the money or even a car to get around in.

Check the rest of the message below.


In the trailer for the 11th season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha and her sister, Lauren Williams seemed as if they were having a heated discussion about McKinley and his ex. Maybe some details will be revealed on the upcoming season scheduled to premiere in November.

Meanwhile, sources close to Porsha and Dennis maintain that these claims are not true and absolutely false.

Authored by: Andre Palmer