Bill Cosby’s Judge Rejects Motion For A New Trial

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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s Judge Rejects Motion For A New Trial

Earlier this month, Bill Cosby‘s lawyers asked the judge for a new trial following the disgraced actor’s 3 to 10 year prison sentencing. Now, the judge has returned with a response and it’s not what Cosby’s legal team was hoping for.

After “an exhausting review” of post-trial motions, Bill Cosby’s judge has rejected his bid for a new trial or sentencing hearing. Cosby’s lawyers are now filing their appeal with the state Superior Court as their next step.

Cosby’s lawyers also want their client out on bail as they continue to try to have his felony sexual assault conviction reversed. According to them, the court made several errors before ruling the 81-year-old actor was guilty, including failing to determine the alleged assault happened within the statute of limitations.

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