Nicki Minaj Says Security Video Will Show Rah Ali “Beat Up Cardi B Bad”, Denies Leaking Cardi’s Phone Number

Nicki Minaj Says Security Video Will Show Rah Ali “Beat Up Cardi B Bad”, Denies Leaking Cardi’s Number

Nicki Minaj took to Queen Radio to address her issues with Cardi B, old and new. In Monday’s episode, she recalled the New York Fashion Week altercation and claims that security didn’t leave Cardi B with the infamous lump on her head, Rah Ali did.

For people who don’t know, Rah really beat Cardi’s ass bad. Like, really bad. I’m not trying to be messy.  You went home and told people that security hit you. We told Rah not to say anything for legal reasons. I told Rah, don’t tell anyone you hit her because I don’t want nobody trying to sue me. Because they’re gonna come to the person with money. Instead, I guess you had to look like a gangster in front of your friends, your family, I get it. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah. The punches were so hard in your head that as soon as Rah let your head up, I saw the knot on your head.

Nicki went on to say that Rah punched Cardi in the head 8 or 9 times and to prove that she was not lying, she offered $100,000 to anyone who could supply her with the security footage of the fight.

There’s no way I can lie about this because I guarantee you there is surveillence footage in the building where the assault took place. I also had my camera man there. 

Anybody that wants to pull up the surveillance footage, I will give you $100,000. Pull up the surveillance footage. Anybody that says that didn’t happen. I would never come up here and lie. For what?

Nicki also turned her sights to Hennessy Carolina, suggesting that Cardi get her under control.

You got your family saying that I need to control my fans but you’re not controlling your family when they say I’m on stage looking like a crackhead.

You can’t control your sister but you want me to control millions of fans? Lying on me and telling people I leaked numbers of people I never had in my life? I’ve never leaked a number in my life, on God. And yall continue to lie on me because it’s so important for you to make me look like a bad person. 

So what’s good, girl? Are we going to be civilized and mature and tell everyone around us to relax or not?

Nicki also makes claims that Cardi B stopped 21 Savage and Offset from doing songs with her.

I let so much ride. I let it ride that I met up with you in a hotel room and you told me that my verse on the 21 Savage, London on da Track, Offset record was about you. I called my engineer and said, ‘Hey, can you tell her that when I recorded this verse she wasn’t popping yet. I didn’t know anything about her.’ She said that I did that verse about her so Offset couldn’t do the video. You talking about stopping bags? I never told the truth about anything. So, Offset and 21 Savage didn’t do that London on da Track record. It was clear that she wanted to turn them against me and she succeeded. And then the Krippy Kush record, she wanted to get on that record. I ended up getting on it. Then if you notice, it went from being 21 Savage to Travis Scott on it. He wasn’t allowed because he was on her single. I never said a word. 


Authored by: Eleven8