LeToya Luckett Reveals Previously Suffering Miscarriage

LeToya Luckett Opens Up About Having A Miscarriage – “Carrying a Baby Is Not Easy”

LeToya Luckett is opening up about her anxiety over being pregnant after losing a child a few years ago. The singer and actress reveals that unbeknownst to fans, she had suffered a miscarriage of her first child back in 2015. And now that she’s pregnant again, she still gets nervous. She recalls a time she had to go to the hospital and doctors thought she was in pre-labor.

We flew up to Dallas to visit Madison and the pain hadn’t eased up yet. So, I went to the doctor and immediately they were like, ‘You’re having full blown contractions. You need to go to the ER.’ They said they wanted to run tests to make sure I wasn’t going into pre-labor which at the time would have not been good at all for me or the baby. At that stage, they can’t really do anything if something happens to the baby. I was terrified. Especially with what happened last time, going from a miscarriage to now. 


Fighting back tears, LeToya opens up a bit more about how her miscarriage made her very cautious during this pregnancy.

Especially now being pregnant again, I remember for my first trimester I was terrified the whole time. Almost not really wanting to accept that I was pregnant because I didn’t want it to happen again and I wanted a baby so bad. Carrying a baby is not easy. It is not. 

Fortunately, tests were run and the results came back that Toya was not experiencing labor. Great news for LeToya and her baby girl.

Authored by: Eleven8