Remy Ma Under Fire For Defending R. Kelly – “Most Rapists Don’t Eat Your A**”

Remy Ma

Remy Ma Under Fire For Defending R. Kelly – “Most Rapists Don’t Eat Your A**”

Remy Ma has shared a lot of hot takes as co-host of her weekly State of the Culture show but this one may be the hottest of them all. In the latest episode, Remy challenges whether R. Kelly actually raped teenage girls because most rapists are all about their own self-pleasure. She said,

So he went to trial for it before. We had a video of him intimate with an underage girl. We had another video where, I don’t know if she was underage but he was all in her and it didn’t look like…most rapists don’t eat your ass. So I’m like, you get acquitted and you still get banished and you’re still a monster.

Remy also discusses R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult, where the singer is accused of holding women, brainwashing them and keeping them away from their families.

Even the lair that you’re talking about it wasn’t the women that were complaining it was the mothers…It’s so weird that we live in a world where women and men do some sick sh*t and they be with it. If your daughter’s 14, 15, 16, 17 and she wants to f*ck a guy who’s twenty anything and thirty anything, you’re fighting against it. I’m not saying that he’s right…But from history he’s been labeled as being illiterate. He’s talented but he’s not the brightest person… I remember that first case with the urination and all that, it was sort of in his defense. I’m not taking either side…How do you combat somebody who likes younger women…What about the parents that are okay with it?

Is it also the climate right now? For anybody who’s been accused of any type of abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. There’s this movement and rally to bring them all down… I’m a little bit more cautious with using certain words like “got away with it” because I know how this society works. ‘Oh we missed you last time so now we’re going to get you this time.’ In some instances, you get convicted whether you’re innocent or not. You got convicted, you’re guilty. Or you get not convicted but somebody accuses you of some sh*t and we believed it, you’re still guilty. I’ve known people who’ve been in that situation, so I have to use words like alleged…or ‘If this is true.’ I just want to take that into consideration too.

Remy caught a lot of backlash from social media after her comments. Watch the entire clip below and tell us what you think about Remy’s views.

Authored by: Eleven8