Remy Ma Defends Bill Cosby – Some Of Those Women Lied On Him!

Bill Cosby, Remy Ma

Remy Ma Defends Bill Cosby – He Was Done Wrong By The System! [VIDEO]

Things got extremely heated on this week’s episode of State of the Culture as the hosts weighed in on Bill Cosby’s sentencing and whether or not 3-10 years behind bars was justified. Scottie Beam began the discussion by saying that she was not empathetic towards Cosby and that his sentencing was a consequence of his actions. Co-hosts Joe Budden and Jinx agreed, saying that more often than not, rapists are not charged, let alone convicted. Remy Ma felt differently from her counterparts, insisting that she does not trust the legal system, especially due to her past dealings with the system herself.

I’m defending people that have been done wrong, not only by the system and by people that lie, people that go on bandwagons, I’m not saying that every one of them is lying but out of 60 women, when I sat down and listened to them, I felt that some of them were lying. I feel like some of them are not telling the truth. 

Remy went on to compare Cosby to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s sentencing, claiming that due to Cosby’s race and celebrity, the justice system was out to get him.

If you feel comfortable outside behind a dumpster, I’m sure this isn’t the first time. The higher up you are in the public eye, especially when your skin is [black], they love to tear people and bring them down. When you have people like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, had there been 60 white women up here like ‘yes! he did it’, No, you wouldn’t.

The argument went on for well over 10 minutes.


Earlier this year, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. Last week, he was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison.

Authored by: Eleven8