Cardi B Visits Bestie Star Brim In Prison [VIDEO]

Cardi B Visits Bestie Star Brim In Prison, Star To Be Released In 2019

Cardi B‘s best friend Star Brim turned herself in to police this summer for a wire fraud case from two years ago. She was facing 15 months to 3 years behind bars but according to Star, who’s been incarcerated for 5 months now, she is expected to be home sometime in 2019.

Back in June, Cardi B confirmed that Star Brim had turned herself in early to begin serving her time as soon as possible. She also explained Star’s situation, saying that the two years Star has been out on bail, she’s made strides to change her life around. The rapper explained,

Since ya like to talk Soo much sh*t and ya b*tches is maaa happy like if Star died or something let me give you the run down .For two and a half years Star been out on bail .She got caught by the Feds and lost a lot of sh*t .Never asked nobody for sh*t ,got a 9-5 trying to figure things out .She started bartending something that was so new to her and it was a lil difficult at first since NYC strip clubs give hard times to Brown Skin bartenders and barely hire them !Yeup [sic] i said it ?but you know what ?she ain’t stop and became great !She was able to save thousand of dollars ,pay for good lawyers bought two cars ,a Jeep and a pink Porsche pay [sic] them off .Made well over enough for her bid and for when she come home and got a great business plan for when she touches down back in town .Ya maa happy cause she away or like she just got snatch but shorty been prepare [sic] for this and turn herself in early cause she just want to get sh*t over with and do her time .I mean why wouldn’t she ? after she finish her bid no more probation, can travel everywhere and she can live a normal love life!Dont gottta worry about falling in love knowing in the back of her mind she got to do time .In [sic] Soo proud of her i seen her growth and i see how responsible and determined she is .A super go getter never asking nobody for sh*t .Thats my Hat5 fooo sureeee ?????? 

Over the weekend, Cardi and a few friends and family visited her bestie Star.

My baby for life came threw ????? dnt worry sis ill be home 2019 ?

Star and Cardi go back to their strip club days. Star was also a bartender at Angels Gentleman’s Club, the same strip club where the infamous fight between Cardi’s crew and two bartenders went down.

Authored by: Eleven8