Kevin Hart Addresses Mike Epps Beef & Why His Ex-Wife & Fiancee Now Get Along [VIDEO]

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Kevin Hart is on fire, literally. The self-proclaimed comedic rockstar is prepping for his first movie of the year (The Wedding Ringer) and has a plethora more following it’s lead. And in addition to preparing for another stand-up show, the 35-year-old maintains that one of his ultimate goals is to be an international actor. Today, Hart stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, dishing on all the above. Hart also addresses the hacked SONY emails (and even breaks down how folk should value their reach on places like social media); his beef with Mike Epps and how the relationship between his ex-wife (Torrei Hart) and fiancee has gotten MUCH better. Check out a few excerpts.

How he felt when he saw the hacked SONY emails:

I could give two cares….It’s business I could care less what they say. Meet my terms and I’m fine. You don’t meet my terms than there’s nothing to talk about.

How he felt about being criticized (in the SONY email) for wanted extra compensation for promoting his films on his social media:

Let me tell you people out there with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. It’s yours…that’s power. I don’t think people understand how powerful that information is. People, want that. You can’t just access that. So to get that, treat me as a company. The same way that you do media spins…I should be in your budget. There should be no assumption made ‘Kevin is going to do this for me.’

The most money he’s ever given to a friend or family member:

Okay, I got a friend who just came home from jail, I’ve given my friend probably about — since he’s been home — probably 60, 70 grand….This is one of my closest friends. I can’t say no because he’s been home for quite some time but I know what he’s going through. He’s got a family, he’s got kids.

On people saying he plays the same role in films:

People don’t know what they wanna see first of all. People just love the fact that they can say. That’s what people get off on. That’s the nature of the business. Do I have the drama side in me? I do, but you don’t rush that…It comes when it’s supposed to.

Being inspired by Jay Z:

From playing around, we silly. We talk. But I talk to Hov on some being educated. Why? What are you doing now? When you keep looking at the things that he’s doing and the different circles.

Beef with Mike Epps:

And I really want people to understand this. Mike got Richard Pryor, the movie right. This is after everything happened. Me and Mike went back and forth. First of all, as a man, I respect any man that loves what does that’s successful at it. As a comedian, I respect any comedian, that is professional enough to have built themselves to a point, to they can become a guy who can headliner and a ticket sale. When me and Mike went through everything we went through, I got mad at Mike cuz I’m like, ‘What I do to you?’ Don’t come at me when I’m not, I didn’t say nothing to you…But we men first, let’s talk….I can’t invest time in looking at another guy’s path…I can’t control that…There is no negative feeling. When he got the movie, I called him…I ain’t got no negative bone in my body. I’m a millionaire from telling jokes!

On failing early in his career:

I had about 10 pilots that didn’t work and every time my manager said, ‘This could be the one’.

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Proposing to his fiancee, Enikko Parish, on the premiere night of his ex-wife’s show: