Jaden’s Grandmother Responds To Jaden Smith Saying Tyler Creator Is His Boyfriend

Jaden Smith’s Grandmother Laughs About Jaden Smith’s Joking Affirmation Of Love To Tyler, the Creator

With Jaden Smith semi-jokingly revealing his relationship status during Camp Flog Gnaw over the weekend, the question which has arisen is if Tyler, the Creator has met the rest of the Smith family.

Tyler The Creator, Jaden Smith

As previously reported, during Jaden’s set at the festival, he shard he and his fellow rapper were indeed in a relationship. He told the crowd,

Tyler doesn’t wanna say but Tyler is my motherf*cking boyfriend

While Tyler denied it, the question if Jaden was serious or joking is still up in the air, but his grandmother,  Adrienne Banfield-Norris, seems to have gotten a kick out of it. She laughed at a clip of Jaden affirming his love for Golfwang rapper, writing in the comment section:


His father, mother, and sister have yet to reveal their thoughts on Jaden’s recent statements.

Authored by: Andre Palmer