[VIDEO] Nia Long Talks Kissing Tyler Perry, Sevyn Streeter Performs ‘It Won’t Stop’ on Arsenio Hall

Nia Long Talks kissing Tyler Perry-The Jasmine Brand

Sevyn Streeter Performs It Wont Stop-The Jasmine Brand

What’s it like to kiss Tyler Perry? This week, the cast of his newest film ‘Single Mom’s Club’ stopped by the Arsenio Hall Show. In the film in theaters Friday, four single mothers bond over an incident at the school where their children attend forming a support group that help them with through the ups and downs of life. Tyler Perry who portrays Nia Long’s character love interest in the film revealed that the pair wasn’t supposed to kiss explaining,

The funny part is the kiss was never in the original script. The kiss showed up when we got to set so I guess the writers added it. He had very soft lips, fresh breath..that’s very important.

Later, singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter performed her hit song, ‘It Wont’ Stop’ from her EP, ‘Call Me Crazy, But’. Peep both clips below.

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