Melyssa Ford Reflects On Life Changing Car Crash: I Needed A Walker, My Speech Was Affected

Melyssa Ford Reflects On Life Changing Car Crash: I Needed A Walker, My Speech Was Affected

Melyssa Ford is providing an update following her tragic car accident with an 18-wheeler truck in June 2018. In September, the podcast personality and reality star came forward about her bout with depression, describing it as,

Crushing, malignant Depression.

Before the year is out, Ford is providing yet another update. She shared a photo on Instagram of her using a walker, as a throwback Thursday (Dec. 6),

#tbt I’m normally a pretty private person but if you don’t celebrate your own victories, why would anyone else? This was a month after the crash that almost took my life. I needed to [sic] support of a walker from the symptoms of post concussive syndrome. My speech And cognition was affected, I was constantly disoriented and I was scared. But what ended up happening over the next few months of recovery was intense self discovery: things that no longer fit within the realm of who I was or what I could accept or be a part of. Certain relationships fell apart due to the glaring fact that, at my worst moment, ppl I loved and would have done anything for couldn’t seem to muster the same energy for me and made excuses for their lacking. You live and you learn I guess. Now that I’m better, my energy will be focused on projects and endeavors that are more reflective of the real me… at the helm of my own ship, charting my own course. Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on and rooted for and prayed for me.

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported in July, Ford had been discharged from the hospital and was requiring the assistance of the walker.  With her crash in June, she suffered concussion, fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and a 10-inch head wound which had to be surgically closed with staples and stitches.

She also has staples in her elbows and other severe cuts and bruises on her entire body. She’s walking with the assistance of a walker and will have to undergo therapy to fully recover.

A GoFundMe account was started for Ford following her near fatal accident on the Ventura Freeway.

Authored by: Andre Palmer