Melyssa Ford Struggles w Depression – It’s Worse Because of the Head Trauma From The Crash

Melyssa Ford Struggles w Depression – It’s Worse Because of the Head Trauma From The Crash

Melyssa Ford is battling with depression. Over the summer, she was injured in a serious car crash in Los Angeles on Ventura Freeway. While she’s maintained a relatively low profile from the public, over the weekend, she gave an update on her health. In the lengthy message, the model and reality star admits that prior to the accident, she battled depression, and now she continues to experiencing it referring to it as ‘crushing’. she writes,

I’m battling Depression. Crushing, malignant Depression. It was always there; it’s just been made a little worse because of the head trauma from the crash. There are days where simple tasks takes the effort of 40 men; mornings where I’m unhappy to wake and see the sun because it’s another day spent listlessly looking for solid meaning in life. The guilt I feel at having survived and not feeling constant gratitude is a heavy weight to bear. I’m trying to jump back into my life but it feels like there are two Me’s: Before and After the crash. And I barely know who Before Me is anymore. Trying to seek help feels like drowning in a strong current with a lifeline swinging right above your head. I say all this to say check in with your ‘strongest friend’… no one ever does.

As previously reported, Melyssa was seriously injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler truck on Thursday, June 28th. Melyssa, 41, was on her way to dancer Zena Foster’s bridal show. At the time, sources told us that

She is still heavily sedated and in a lot of pain. Her Mother and sister are with her. She is completely traumatized. Injuries are very bad and gruesome. She is really lucky and blessed to be alive.

A GoFund me was created to assist with the mounting medical bills.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams