Jermaine Dupri Wants The Industry To Leave Surprise Albums To Beyonce: “She Can Do It, But Not Everybody Else!”

Jermaine Dupri Wants the Industry to Leave Surprise Albums to Beyonce: “She can do it, but not everybody else!”

Super producer/music industry veteran Jermaine Dupri is more than well-equipped to dish advice on how to maintain success in the music industry. He took to Twitter say his latest piece. He ultimately wants the industry to know that everyone can’t “pull a Beyonce.”


Beyonce released her self-titled fifth studio album with no promotion or warning to iTunes five years ago. The massive success of the album prompted the music industry to change the global release date of albums from Tuesday to Friday. Jermaine tweeted:

“Why are all these artist letting these labels trick them into dropping a surprise album ? Beyonce created that sh*t and she can do it,but errrybody else (shrug emoji)”

Collaborator Bryan Michael Cox agrees. He replied, 21 Savage-style:

“issa trick”

Jermaine Dupri can attest to Beyonce’s destiny for success as one of the earliest collaborators of her record-breaking group, Destiny’s Child. He wrote and produced “With Me,” the second single from their debut self-titled album.

Singer Trey Songz is the latest to hop on the surprise album bandwagon. He released a double-mixtape called “11/28” on streaming services on his birthday, November 28th, with no prior promotion.

Trey Songz

Is Jermaine Dupri right? Are surprise albums destined for failure? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay