“Black Ink Crew’s” Sky’s Son Genesis Alludes To Him Only Appearing On Reality Show For Check

Sky, Genesis, & Dessalines

“Black Ink Crew’s” Sky’s Son Genesis Alludes To Him Only Appearing On Reality Show For Check

Sky from VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” has documented the checkered relationship between her and her estranged children, Genesis and Dessalines, on national television. While their relationship appeared to be on a positive track, what happens after the camera’s cut off is still left up for speculation. As of late, Genesis alluded to the fact he only appeared on the show to receive compensation.

The aspiring rapper shared this new piece of information via a thread of Instagram comments. In a photo of Genesis and Dessalines, a user inquired,

@Dez_Raymond88 are you @g_heffner still in touch with your mom @flyytattedsky?

Genesis responded,

Keep me outt dat sh*t. B*tch I only do datt sh*t 4 a baggg

Another user weighed in,

@g_heffner we knew that with yo using a*s @flyytattedsky

In the midst of the drama, one user stepped in Genesis’ defense stating,

Using her?! She owes him a whole life time of sh*t. She used him by bringing him to the show!!!!!

Genesis replied,

U smarter dan’ alotta dumb a*s people

Another user chimed in,

Y’all need to keep that same on energy on Sky’s ig. If anything, *she* used them for ratings, not the other way around. You all should ask her why she no longer follows her sons on IG, why she didn’t give Dez a b-day shout-out, why she didn’t post Genesis’ music on her IG, etc. She used those boys for a storyline, even making uo lies about them, than discarded them when they didn’t her made-up narrative. I hope @dez_raymond88 and @g_heffner find guine, healthy love and familial support even if they find it from someone other than Sky.

Genesis responded to the above comment with several hand clapping emojis.

Sky has yet to respond to claims.

Authored by: Andre Palmer