Salim Akil Abuse Accuser Professes Her Love To Husband, Amidst Claiming Affair w/ Married Producer

David Brenner, Amber Dixon Brenner

Salim Akil Abuse Accuser Professes Her Love To Husband, Amidst Claiming Affair w/ Married Producer

The woman who came forward accusing television producer Salim Akil of physically and sexually abusing her – on multiple occasions over a 10 year time span – and for allegeldy stealing the idea of the now-cancelled OWN Network series “Love Is ___,” Amber Dixon Brenner, has publicly professed her love for her husband.

The writer took to social media providing an elongated caption about why she adored her partner, David Brenner. In a photo of the couple Amber wrote,

My friend, David Brenner, took me out on a date … and we sorta fell in love again that night. And the best part is, he is my husband. My Rock. My companion. Champion. Bearer of my secrets. Hopes. Dreams. Regrets… My soundboard. My teacher. And in so many ways, my mentor. He challenges me. Nags me. Grabs my coffee. Tells me I’m pretty. Respects my humanity. My autonomy. My journey. My lessons. Grabs my hand when I toss and turn and sigh through the night… and in return, I do my best to honor him as his own person. As a being in the journey of life. As a creator. Man. Father. Explorer. Intellectual…. We drift apart and come together. Drift apart and come together. Drift apart and happen upon each other when we least expect it. This makes me smile. I love this friend of mine. My husband and father of my children. My heart. I am proud of you, Mr. David Brenner

As previously reported, Amber dropped the lawsuit she had against the OWN Network over copyright infringement, following their cancellation of the series after the network renewed it for a second season. In an interview, Amber revealed Salim’s wife, the highly known Mara Brock Akil, was well aware of the affair Salim was allegedly having, and the abuse Amber claims she endured. About the cancellation, Amber said,

I did feel a sense of this is the right thing, this is correct response from the OWN network. This is a correct response to Salim and Mara and it felt like a bit of an acknowledgment of what I had gone through. Look, it’s a sad situation. It’s a terrible situation that I was ever in the predicament of having to call him out and her out. It’s tragic to me that these things ever happened. It’s tragic to me that my work was stolen and then misappropriated to their supposed love story. Honestly, the first time I saw the show, and we can go back on the record, my first reaction was I want my work off the television now. I want this off.

Amber Dixon Brenner, Salim Akil

She also shared why she moved forward with the lawsuit against Salim in the first place,

It started when Mara was on the cover of some magazine and she stood along with other women in the industry talking about #MeToo or Time’s Up. I read it and I was appalled and I felt disregarded and that the issues from the relationship that in the past I had tried to resolve or discuss regarding violence she was very silent about. Like not responding to texts earlier on in the relationship.

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Authored by: TJB Writer