Duckie Thot Refers To Kofi Siriboe As A Trash A** N*gg*, Amidst Split?

Duckie Thot Refer To Kofi Siriboe As A Trash A** N*gg*, Amidst Split?

Did Duckie Thot just hammer the nail in the coffin of her relationship with Kofi Siriboe? The Fenty Beauty model seemed to have clapped back at her rumored actor boo. On New Years Eve, Kofi’s Twitter post alluded to him being single – raising an immediate red flag to fans of the chocolatey couple. He tweeted:

“@kofi maybe my wife will reveal herself to me this year. maybe i’ll become the man i’ve always wanted to be.”

Duckie continued the subliminal Twitter war, but with a much more direct stance than Kofi’s. She tweeted:

“@duckie_thot leaving all trash n*ggas in 2018.”

Oop! Well that seems to settle any speculation of a break-up between the pair. This is certainly a far cry from their social media usage last year. Kofi Siriboe declared his love for the supermodel on International Women’s Day. He posted this Instagram caption:

“my love, you blossom like the flowers do; you keep growing. i love watching you. you remind me of sunrise every morning—just a glance in your direction transmutes the darkest day to light. no man should be lucky enough to love you. all queens, everywhere, happy #internationalwomensday”

Does this mean Kofi Siriboe’s and Duckie Thot’s DMs are open for business?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay