V103 Allegedly Fires “Frank And Wanda” Co-Host Wanda Smith & Miss Sophia

V103 Fires “Frank and Wanda’s” Wanda Smith

According to the AJC, Atlanta will be short two familiar voices in one of their most popular morning radio shows.

Miss Sophia

V-103 has reportedly released personalities Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia from the “Frank and Wanda Morning Show.” Both are longstanding co-hosts to Frank-Ski, with Wanda being at the station for more than two decades, and Sophia for nearly five years. Wanda even assisted veteran Ryan Cameron‘s morning show until he left V-103 last January. The hip-hop and R&B station reportedly doesn’t typically discuss why anyone in their line-up is hired or fired, but AJC reporter Rodney Ho gave insight on what’s next. He said:

“[Frank] Ski will be paired up with a younger female co-host soon – though I am not 100% sure who it is.”

This departure comes at an awkward time in Wanda Smith’s relationship with her home station, considering her fiery incident with comedian Katt Williams last year. She and Katt’s playful banter on-air escalated into an exchange of insults, and a physical altercation between Katt and Wanda’s husband, Lamorris Sellers.

This later lead to tension between Wanda Smith and Frank-Ski. She explained that she felt he should have defended her against Katt Williams.

Do you think Wanda Smith’s departure is connected to her fallout with Katt Williams? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay