R.Kelly – Woman Who Claims Singer Gave Her Incurable STD Says She Cries Everyday

Woman Who Claims R. Kelly Gave Her An Incurable STI Says She Cries Everyday

Faith Rodgers, the woman who accused R. Kelly of giving her an incurable STI, has briefly shared the backlash she’s received since coming forward with her experiences with the slandered R&B singer once again. Rodgers posted about her emotions to her Instagram story Monday (Jan. 7) and Tuesday (Jan. 8). She initially thanked people who reached for their support.

The love I’m receiving is keeping me afloat. Thank y’all

In another she questioned,

Do y’all think about the sh*t that comes out of your mouths sometimes? I can’t fight everyone who isn’t on my side but you not gone talk crazy lol … blocked


I cry everyday lol I’m ready for it to be 2020 now.

Rodgers revealed during the end of the six-part series she was diagnosed with the STI following a tip from alleged sex cult victim’s Joycelyn Savage‘s parents, Jonjelyn and Timothy Savage.

She originally came forward around May 2018 with the claims, also sharing she had filed a lawsuit against Kelly for “sexual battery,” “willfully, deliberately and maliciously” infecting her with herpes,” and claims Kelly “mentally, sexually and verbally” abused her.

Authored by: Andre Palmer