Erykah Badu Still Has Love For R. Kelly

Erykah Badu Still Has Love For R. Kelly

Would you love an alleged predator despite his actions? In a recent Instagram post, legendary singer Erykah Badu captions a photo with a message of having the ability of understanding “all points of view,” over the actions and words of the public opinion. Badu, 47, one of many celebrities that declined the offer to speak with the ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ 6-part series that has ultimately accomplished to have R.Kelly dropped his label.

Under Badu’s photo, a fan states,

“I loved you until I realized you supported a rapist and pedophiles as your brother.”

Badu responses,

“Correction, love has little to do with supporting others bad choices. Love is wisdom.”

As more details and investigations are launched into the story of R. Kelly’s predator allegations, more fans and deals have pulled their support for the Grammy award winning singer. On Friday, we reported Kelly’s record label has dropped the “Pied Pipper.”

Badu will continue her silence on the allegations where she caption another photo,

“A wise woman said…. nothing”

A few years ago, while hosting the 2015 Soul Train Awards, she introduced the controversial singer as her “brother,” commenting that he had

“done more for the blacks than anyone”.

Since then she has received some backlash.

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By Gregory Molette

Authored by: Kellie Williams