Soulja Boy – I’ve Sold More Than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” + Rapper Insists Ariana Grande Stole His Swag, Bars & Delivery

Soulja Boy – I’ve Sold More Than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” + Rapper Insists Ariana Grande Stole His Swag, Bars & Delivery

The man that has made the Gucci headband famous, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Way) may have a new target this week, Pop artist Ariana Grande. What could possibly sweet, ponytail wearing Ariana have done to Young Drako? In a recent interview, Soulja  says Ariana is a thief. First, Soulja Boy took aim with Drake, now Ariana after releasing her new single in mid January. The song that Soulja Boy is taking claim with is titled, “7 Rings,” that Ariana has already surpassed 60 million views on Youtube. Her single has rubbed a few artist of the Hip-Hop community the wrong way and Soulja Boy, isn’t having it. Soulja says,

“I said she’s a thief because she stole my swag. She stole my bars, my whole delivery and she didn’t give me no credit. This is not a claim that personally came from me, this is a claim that was made by the media and the news station. So I just caught wind of it, I ain’t even hear her single or none of that.”

On why nothing is getting past him, he responds:

“Because it’s 2019, I’m the hottest rapper in the game. Ever since January 1st on up, nothing going to stop, everybody is going to fell my wrath.”

He does stop there. The self proclaimed artist with, “The best comeback of 2018,” says he sold more than Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

“You know how much money I made for Interscope and Jimmy Iovine with ‘Crank That,’ and ‘Soulja Boy Tell ’em Dot Com? I’m wroth $30 million right now myself, ‘Crank That,’ sold 15 million ring tones. It went diamond, sold more than ‘Thriller.’ 

He continues,

“So how much you think that made, Jimmy Iovine on the back-in, He the CEO. ‘Crank That,’ sold more than ‘Thriller,’ you didn’t know that? Y’all go to and google it. 15 million ring tones, I’m the first artist to ever do that digitally. One thing about people they don’t like to read. Y’all don’t like opening history books.”

As perviously reported, this isn’t Souja Boy’s first attempt to air out his frustation with Ariana’s new single. He recently reposted the news clips that Dallas traffic anchor Demetria Obilor thinks Ariana Grande’s new song sounds similar to the stagger-flow of Soulja Boy‘s “Pretty Boy Swag.”

Attention seeking or does Soulj Boy have a point? Let us know what you think in the comments!

By Gregory Molette

Authored by: TJB Writer