K.Michelle – After 6 Surgeries In 3 Months, My A$$ Is Undefeated!

K.Michelle – After 6 Surgeries In 3 Months, My Ass Is Undefeated!

Singer K. Michelle, 34, continues to share sexy photos, proving that after six surgeries post butt injections, she’s pleased with her results. In an Instagram post, the R&B singer declares that she plans on showing off her new body,

“all the time.”

As previously reported, years after having breast augmentation and fat transfer, K.Michelle (Real name Kimberly Pate), experienced migraines, fatigue and terrible pain in her back and legs. Now, the R&B diva is ready to bear it all and reverse the damage that has been done. Showing off a new photo of her backside, K.Michelle writes,

“6 surgeries in 3 months and that ass is still undefeated. I told my story to her you women. I can walk now and twerk on a sausage. Still have 1 more surgeries to make it perfect, but I look f*cking good and I’m going to show off ALL THE TIME. I earned that! Tuh! Don’t like unfollow. Hits blunt immediately. Y’all be making my nerves bad sometimes.”

Here’s a closer look at the singer’s butt prior to trying to reverse the cosmetic work that she’s had done.


Earlier this year K.Michelle revealed that this experience had been one of the toughest things she has ever experienced.

“It’s the scariest thing in life, and I’m a tough girl.”

With K. Michelle being more open with her butt augmentation experience, do you believe this will help other young women with their self esteem issues? Let us know in the comments!

By Gregory Molette

Authored by: TJB Writer