Floyd Mayweather & Fiance Shantel Jackson Reminisce On Instagram, Seem Unfazed About Love Triangle Rumors

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Floyd Mayeather Jr. is proving that he’s no longer concerned with his rumored ex-girlfriend or the drama surrounding her and his Money Team partner in crime, Ray J. If you haven’t followed the semi-dry drama surrounding him and the gang, here’s the quick and dirty. Floyd and his fiance, Shantel Jackson, were engaged and allegedly broke-up (conflicting reports as to why–some point the finger at her alleged infidelity, while others suggest the model was using him). Floyd began dating a female promoter named Princess. Both Princess and Shantel were at his recent Las Vegas fight, ringside. After the fight, Floyd announced that he and Shantel were still engaged. In an interview with Howard Stern he commented:

Yeah we’re still engaged…She’s my better half. I done already had enough p***y before I got to her. If God made anything better than p***y, then I don’t want it. We’re not really focused on marriage right now….I’m going to focus on taking her career to that next level. It’s about me being an asset, helping my better half.

Last week, rapper 50 Cent (who use to be good friends and business partners with Mayweather) began posting photos and messages on his Instgram, suggesting that both Ray J and Mayweather had been intimate with Princess (Mayweather’s most recent ex-girlfriend).


Meanwhile, Ray J, Mayweather nor Princess would comment on the alleged love triangle. A few days ago, photos of Ray J and a girl that resembled (we can’t confirm if it’s actually her) Princess leaked and the two looked quite comfy and ummm, intimate. After photos hit, Mayweather shared a message that some think is his way of subliminally speaking about his ex-boo, Princess. Fast forward to the present day and we’re told Mayweather is focusing all of his energy on his relationship with Shantel (although they have no exact wedding plans). This week, both shared their #TBT ‘spa day’ photo. Anywho, let’s hope the drama dies down between all parties involved.