K.Michelle Only Has 1 More Surgery Left To Fix Surgically Enhanced Booty – I Feel Great!

K.Michelle Only Has 1 More Surgery Left To Fix Surgically Enhanced Booty – I Feel Great!

Singer/songwriter K. Michelle is celebrating her new and improved body after having reversal surgery to remove her surgically enhanced booty.

K.Michelle before having the procedure to remove her surgically enhanced booty

K. Michelle has been through a long and vigorous process first starting her removal journey earlier this year in January. Her first surgery went well at first but then turned deadly as infections crept in.

K. Michelle had to be rushed to the E.R. over four times and that is when doctors realized the silicone had spread in her body. She had to have another surgery to remove the silicone this time lasting for well over six hours.


K. Michelle was sick with infection and blood loss that she had to receive two blood transfusions in the process plus therapy. She stated,

So today I forgot that I don’t have a big ass anymore. I looked at this picture and said girl your attitude is 2bad for your ass to be this small, it’s time for self readjustment. Big booty bish mentality with a real snack in the back. Lol. I’m kidding! I feel great and as spicy as ever. One more surgery Tuesday. Imagine loving yourself minus enhancements and likes?

The R&B starlet is so thankful to her reconstructive doctors and nurses who have helped her get through her journey thus far. She stated that she will be having a third surgery this Tuesday, but despite all of the obstacles, this has been a new moment of growth and happiness for the songstress.

We wish K. Michelle well as she embarks on her next surgery.

By: Jeanine Cruz

Authored by: Kellie Williams