Meek Mill Pulled Over By Police In Jamaica [VIDEO]

Meek Mill Pulled Over By Police in Jamaica – One Stipulation

Just over 9 months after being released from a prison cell, rapper Meek Mill and his camp were pulled over in Kingston, Jamaica. Meek (Real name Robert Williams), shared his encounter with the Jamaican police just in case things took a wrong turn.

To Meek’s and his entourage’s surprise, the police only pulled them over for one thing, a picture. During Meek’s Instagram story, the Philadelphia rapper says,

“You’re trying to take a picture, mon?” Meek asked the cops in a Jamaican accent while laughing. “I’m fucked up! Y’all pulled us over and y’all said y’all want a picture, mon? Y’all scared us! We’re scared of police! We thought we were getting locked up!”

With a few jokes, Meek took light of his encounter with police. Although, Meek being fearful of his involvement with police is very understandable. After being sentenced to two to four years in prison for a violations of probation, Meek has created some changes with improving the justice system. Meek Mill gathered a super-group of power players to advocate for criminal justice reform. Collectively, Meek 31,
along with RocNation CEO Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, and CNN analyst Van Jones, have pledged about $50 million to the organization, which is called Reform Alliance.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette