“Black Lightning” Renewed For Season 3

“Black Lightning” Renewed For Season 3

The CW network announced Thursday the superhero series “Black Lightning” has been renewed for a third season. This will be ‘Lightning’s’ third season since the initial premiere in January 2018. The renewal was confirmed by the network’s president Mark Pedowitz, who also spoke about why the series received renewal amidst the series’ showrunner Salim Akil’s damaging allegations.

Amber Dixon Brenner, Salim Akil

In late 2018, Akil was accused of graphic sexual misconduct after one of his alleged former lovers writer and actress, Amber Dixon Brenner filed a lawsuit against Akil and the OWN network for copyright infringement and domestic and physical violence. Following the news, Warner Bros. (CW’s owner) launched an investigation into the set of “Black Lightning” for corroborating statements/claims made by Brenner.

When litigation came to us, Warner [Bros] did the appropriate thing and did an investigation on the set… and there is no world where that is not a safe place, there were no wrongdoings found. He had a personal issue that is nothing to do with the show. The show, as far as we’re concerned, is that Salim, the other producers, the cast and the crew, they deserve to work.

The series follows the life of a black principal named Jefferson Pierce played by Cress Williams, who, by day, works in the education and at night, turns into a superhero with the ability to control and utilize electricity to keep the streets of Freeland quiet.

There is no date when the third season is scheduled to premiere.

Authored by: Andre Palmer