Lil’ Mo’s Husband Caught On Camera Affectionately Talking To Mystery Woman

Lil’ Mo’s Husband Caught On Camera Affectionately Talking To Mystery Woman 

Oop! During a late night snack run, Karl Dargan, husband of R&B singer, Lil’ Mo, was caught bowl handed while in the kitchen, facetiming another mysterious woman. As it appears, Karl wanted to take a quick, private call while looking very specious.

In the video, you over hear Karl making a facetime call to a mystery woman who’s face is blurred out to hide her identity during his late night snack run. While in the kitchen unaware of the cameras around the house, Karl suspiciously chats with the mystery woman,

He says on the call,

“What up?”

The mystery woman responses,

“Are you eating cereal?… Are you alone?”

Karl replies,

“Yeah, tell me you love me.”

The Mystery woman replies,

“I love you.”

Check out a clips of the scene:

All the while, Karl’s wife, Lil’ Mo was getting ready for bed upstairs in the couples bed. Side piece maybe? After the episode aired, Mo responses to her husband’s chat with the mysterious woman on Twitter.

Mo says,

“Almost done and this nigga do some CAP SH*T. Now I’m mad all over again. I should kick him in his f*ckin neck yo. Dirty ass whores.”

Mo responds back to a fan after the scene, mentioning that this video is the reason she has trust issues.

“NOW you see!!!! I’m not mean. I just don’t trust NOBODY. So I’m aggressive and it’s a defense mechanism so I don’t get hurt again.”

Mo continues,

“But I’m the mean one hmmmmmm, I would never disrespect nobody on TV like that especially when I’m tryin fix it. I wouldn’t do nothing sneaky like that. EVER. but it’s cool!!! I hope it was worth it. NO CAP”

In the past, Mo’s husband has been accused of cheating. Back in 2016, Karl, 33, allegedly impregnated another woman. According to reports, there were text messages, tweets, and clap backs that went viral making claims Karl had allegedly cheated. At the time, Lil’ Mo stood by her husband on social media.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette