Rich The Kid Robbed At Studio While Usher Recorded

Rich The Kid Robbed At Studio While Usher Recorded

Rapper Rich The Kid and his entourage were reportedly robbed and shot at the popular Westlake Studio yesterday (2/12/2019). According to reports, Rich was the target of the robbery. He was standing outside of the studio when he and members of his crew were robbed for cash and jewelry, leaving a security guard pistol whipped. Eyewitnesses state that as many as 10 shots were fired as the suspect ran away from the scene of the crime. Ironically, Rich The Kid posted a flashy photo of himself holding a large wad of cash while standing in front of purple matte Lamborghini to his Instagram just hours before the incident.

This incident indirectly involves an unlikely supporting cast member – singer, Usher. He just happened to also be recording at the same West Hollywood studio at the time of the incident. He, however, was not involved or affected by Rich The Kid’s robbery.


This isn’t Rich the Kid’s first time being the victim of a robbery. Just last June, he and his girlfriend, model Tori Brixx, were badly beaten and robbed in her Los Angeles home – landing both of them in the hospital with multiple injuries.

Despite social media speculation, the “New Freezer” rapper later clarified that Tori did not set him up for the robbery.

Rich The Kid’s reps say that he’s doing okay. However, neither Rich, Tori Brixx, nor Usher have commented on the Westlake Sudio incident, as of yet.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay