[Full Episode] Part 1: Evelyn Lozada On ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

Saturday evening, the highly anticipated episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life featuring Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada aired. The first episode of Evelyn’s session was filmed in the couple’s (Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson) Miami home, four weeks before the alleged domestic violence episode aired. Initially, Ocho was supposed to participate in the episode, but he pulled out of the taping. Iyanla shared that when she initially entered their home, it felt ‘stark and cold’. Peep a few excerpts:

On why she travels and works so much:

I lke to work. I like having my own money. It just makes me feel comfortable.

On who she is, without material things:

Just me. My daughter, me being a great mother, which is something i’ve been focused on.

On answering the question, who are you:

That’s what i’m tryna figure out.

On her step daughters, inspiring her to change her life:

They were really my inspiration and the reason why I had that ‘aha moment’. I was so embaressed and I said to myself  ‘What’s going on?’. They thought it was wonderful and I’m moritified.

After watching clips from the previous season, where she exhibited violent or negative behavior:

Caught up in the moment; going from o to 10. I always say I don’t have a medium. When that trigger goes off, it’s here. That’s how every women in my family dealt w/ conflict. That’s how my life was. My life; it’s always been chaos.

On throwing water in a woman’s face, on an old episode:

She was making my life hell at the time. In that moment, I’m thinking about my daughter.

On one of the things that scares her most:

What scares me the most is being by myself.

On what scares her about not having material things:

What scares me the most is not having anything. I’ve been there.

On how she feels about the potential of her husband, Ochocinco cheating:

Me and him have real open conversations, as to this lifestyle. In this world I live in, you see so much.

On the conversation that she had with Ocho, about cheating:

I said that ‘If there’s ever a feeling or thought in your mind, I’d rather know about it’; then him sneak around. ‘If you’re in a place that you have a desire to be with someone else’, because  i get what tempation is…

On if she’s okay with him cheating:

No, absolutely not. I just want to know. Am I wrong for wanting to know?

On what she would do if Ocho cheated on her in their marriage:

Our relationship would be over.

On some of Ocho’s comments on twitter:

The tweeting is frustrating. I think I’m the only person in his life that tells him how it is. When I say something, he says ‘This is how my personality is, why do you want me to change?’

On her greatest fear about marriage:

That we’re going to end up divorced like everyone else.

On what she thinks will happen if she changes her behavior on ‘Basketball Wives’:

There probably won’t be a show.

After the episode aired, Evelyn tweeted:

Meanwhile, a few celebs chimed in on twitter, giving their two cents on part 1.

The final episode, which was filmed after the alleged domestic dispute, airs Sunday night on OWN at 10 p.m.
Part 1:

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