Nicki Minaj’s Ex Hairstylist Arrogant Tae Fires Back At Rapper’s Fans: It’s Getting Out Of Hand!

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Hairstylist Arrogant Tae Fires Back At Rapper’s Fans: It’s Getting Out Of Hand!

Celebrity hairstylist Arrogant Tae has been plagued by the Barbz for past few days after Nicki Minaj unfollowed him on Instagram last week. Tae decided to fire back at critics who attempted to discredit his technique and craft through Instagram comments.

One social media user questioned:

who are u without nicki please let us know u had no followers until nicki came along u had no name no nothing u used nicki to buikd your empire and that’s not cool

Tae provided a response to the Instagram user and followed up with another which was shared to his feed. The 23-year-old stylist posted a screenshot of his response in addition to an extended caption about his dissatisfaction with the Barbz. The attached caption read:

I can’t even fu*king post without these dumb a*s fans steady coming under my fu*king post with all these dumb a*s opinions n lies!!! I don’t even do this type of sh*t bt this sh*t is getting tf out of hand!!! Can’t no fu*king body make me ,create me , bt GOD! All this internet shi* is so fu*king childish , this is my page STAY TF OFF MY SH*T WITH THIS GOOFY A*S SHIT! IT DONT MATTER HOW MANY PAGES I BLOCK YALL FU*KING STILL MAKE PAGES AFTER PAGES TO KEEP COMMENTING UNDER MY SH*T?????????? I WORKED MY A*S OFF FOR YEARS TO GET TO WHERE IM AT!!!! I try to ignore y’all bt y’all dming me n commenting under every fu*king post with all this negative a*s bullshit , I do not want to work with celebrities nomore this shit come with too much bullshit!!! Get tf off my page n let me post wtf I want n who tf I want!!!

Check out his commented response and caption below.

Tae extended on his points via his Instagram Stories. In a few posts he shared:

Sometimes what you really want is not always good for you! I’ve learned that, I use to always say I want this n wanna do that n work with so many ppl bt sometimes it’s not Good for you n God shows u that , u gotta be careful what u ask for! Be more detailed when u ask for something

N I never wish bad on nobody , because karma! Bt I wish everyone the best n I wish whoever is next the best also bt life goes on, keep moving forward n keep learning n growing

In the past, Tae has had some hectic run-ins with Minaj’s fan base on social media. In 2018, following the Minaj’s performance at the MTV EMAs, Tae deleted his Instagram after the Barbz persistently harassed him behind her hairstyle.

Tae has styled hair for SZA, one of Futures children’s mother Brittni Mealy, ‘LHHATL’‘s Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s daughter Kae, and Bernice Burgos, to name a few.

Authored by: Andre Palmer