Mystikal Rejects The Plea Deal Offered In His Rape Case


Mystical Rejects The Plea Deal Offered In His Rape Case

Although he was let out after an 18-month stint behind bars for an alleged rape, rapper Mystikal was finally released on a massive $3 million bond back in February. However, the case is ongoing and now Mystikal has reportedly rejected the plea deal that was recently offered in the case—hoping it gets dismissed altogether.

Mystikal’s rape trial is scheduled to begin in May, but according to reports, he was recently offered a plea deal to severely lessen the charges against him. The rapper’s attorneys say that their client has rejected the plea deal and intends to stand trial, hoping for an outcome in his favor.

Joel Pearce, Mystikal’s attorney, said he recently met with Louisiana prosecutors who offered the plea deal. The aggravated rape charge against Mystikal, which carries a life sentence, would be reduced to third-degree rape, which has a 25-year maximum sentence. Pearce says prosecutors were also willing to drop the second-degree kidnapping charge. In exchange for this deal Mystikal would be required to plead guilty to felony rape, something Pearce said the rapper refuses to do.

Mystikal and his attorneys are convinced the alleged victim is lying about the encounter between she and Mystikal, in addition to stating she has a host of credibility issues. Although the trial is currently scheduled to commence in May, Pearce revealed that plea negotiations for the case are still ongoing.

Mystikal will remain a free man until a verdict is found in his case.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings