Common Announces New Book ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’

Common Announces New Book ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’

Common is gettin’ his author on again! He revealed on Instagram that he’s got a new book on the way.

Let Love Have The Last Word is an inspirational book where Common vulnerably details his own experiences with love. He also gets into the power of love and unity and how it can not only help us live better lives but build stronger communities.

The book is Common’s latest after his New York Times bestselling memoir, One Day It’ll All Make Sense. Common is never a stranger to speaking out on social issues. He tweeted his inspiration behind the book.

“I wanted 2 write a book 2 share what I learned about what LOVE is and how I failed with LOVE. I wanted to share my experiences to inspire other people 2 share as well as connect w/ LOVE! ‘Let LOVE have the last word.’”

He also has never failed to prove that he’s a lover and not a fighter. “I think our goal as individuals and as people within our communities is to build self-worth,” he said during a speech at a United Way Atlanta luncheon earlier this month, The Atlanta Voice reported.

“That means knowing that love takes over everything. I believe in operating in excellence like people who strive for the best, and they are looking for the best. I also look for humility, a person open enough to be vulnerable and to be courageous and go out and go beyond just what the boundaries are.”

Let Love Have The Last Word will be released May 7, but fans can preorder the book now.

By –Char Patterson

Authored by: TJB Writer